Google made a fun AI-powered emoji scavenger hunt that you can play on your phone

If you have your phone at your fingertips, open and see how far you can go. As the URL suggests, it is an emoji search: a new artificial intelligence experiment created by Google that shows how the company's machine learning tools can be used to make small fun games. In this case, you must use your phone's camera to find objects that match emojis within a time limit. Each one you find increases your time.

It's a small experiment well implemented, although the object recognition function can be a bit unpredictable. For example, he refused to recognize my plug, although I took advantage of his lack of precision to then put on a tissue like a handkerchief. I got a dozen items before being perplexed by the demand for a strawberry.

Experiments like this are a good example of how artificial intelligence functions such as the recognition of objects break through into more and more parts of everyday life. It is also a good reminder that next week is the Google I / O developer conference, where the company will surely have some artificial intelligence news to share. It is rumored that there is a planned update for your AI camera application, Google Lens, and we will probably hear more about the company's cloud offerings, such as AutoML and its specialized artificial intelligence chips known as TPU. As always, we will cover all news here at The Verge from May 8 onwards.