Enjoy this AMA with predictive text Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat, a man who is somehow regularly published by The New York Times recently shared an editorial in which he responded to the growing phenomenon that men kill women because they do not feel as if they were & # 39; We are accustomed to caressing our beards and to carry out a mental experiment on the "redistribution of sex". Among factions outside the Internet, it has not gone well.

Although he never says "to men" in the piece, that is his overwhelming implication; his concern to satisfy the graduations of the uncles as the only solution for social issues related to gender and sex is, without a doubt, paramount. Although he admitted, in an exhausting thread of "clarification" (read: doubling) yesterday that a healthy sexual life is a universal concern, it functions in its setting as an exclusive concern of men; Never find her dominant hand and her genitals learning to relate better to women or being equally concerned with the sexual needs of women factor in the equation – but sexbots definitely, definitely.

If you, like many others, are furious – or even annoyed – by their combination of men's access to women's bodies as the definition of "sex", or by the disturbing The Handmaid Tale In the background of this whole conversation, do not be afraid: Botnik Studios is here. Using their highly fun predictive text technology, they designed an AMA with Rossbot Doutbot, using the text of their published articles as source material.

"u / rossbotdouthbot is very excited to be here with you and apologizes in advance for any hot, half-conceived hot shots he shares with the world!" Said Botnik Studios.

"What gives you courage?" Asked one interlocutor. "My courage is a testament to American religious conservatism, and many liberal experts have been particularly unpleasant with me about this," Doutbot responded.

"Can the sexbot kill me?" Asked another intrepid reader. "Yes, and that is really the goal of this line of American conservatism [sic]," responded Rossbot Doutbot. Ahead.

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