Best note-taking app for iPad Pro of 2018

The best app for taking notes for iPad Pro

For devotees of Apple, the iPad Pro is a mobile platform that offers an impressive amount of computing power in a compact and compact battery pack all day, all adding a more portable, but not so powerful version of a MacBook.

The & murderous application & # 39; The iPad Pro is its perfected ability to function as a note-taking device, which makes it popular among college students and business professionals alike. Like everything else on iOS, this functionality is based on having the best application to do this, and these are some of the best options when it comes to taking notes.

1. Notability

The Swiss Army knife of note-taking applications

Note PDF

Working with multiple input formats

Share notes through the cloud

Higher cost

Notability ] of Ginger Labs, is an excellent application to take general purpose notes for the iOS platform. He has won multiple awards in recent years.

This application allows the user to combine multiple entries, including typing, sketches, handwriting and photos in one place. It also supports the annotation of PDF files. Notes can be shared via email and cloud-based services, including AirDrop, Google Drive and DropBox.

The notoriety is available in the app store for $ 9.99 (£ 7, AU $ 13).

2. Evernote

Application for taking notes with cross-platform support

Supports Android devices

Easy search notes

Basic level too limiting

Premium level is based on subscription

For those looking for a note- taking the platform that works with your iPad Pro, but also with Android devices, Evernote extends to both fields of the mobile platform with ease.

Evernote is a great application to collect multiple entries, including images, text notes, recorded messages and web page clippings, all in one file for storage and collaboration. It can then be accessed through iPad Pro, Android or through a PC through the web browser interface to facilitate workflow, and notes can also be searched.

The iOS application is free and offers in-app purchases. However, the free product is restricted to synchronize only two devices, and the loads are limited to only 60 MB per month. Advance to the Premium level to synchronize all your devices, get a more generous 10GB charge in a month, as well as additional features of live chat support and offline access to your notes, for a subscription of $ 69.99 (£ 50 , AU $ 92) annually.

3. GoodNotes4

Note application that focuses on handwriting

Digital note taking that is flexible

Handwriting transfer

Searchable handwritten notes

Free level

For those who want to use their iPad Pro to easily take handwritten notes, GoodNotes 4 is the answer. With the focus on handwriting, it makes it easy to enter complex mathematical and chemical formulas that can skirt the impossible through a traditional keyboard.

The GoodNotes approach can also be used to annotate PDF files, search handwritten notes, and convert handwriting to text. Notes are also synchronized through iCloud, and can be backed up with your choice of cloud providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

The GoodNotes 4 app is available in the iOS store for $ 7.99 (£ 6, AU $ 11).

4. MyScript Nebo

The advanced application for taking notes

Affordable price

Handles more complex documents and formulas

Exports to multiple formats

Requires an official Apple pencil

For those who take notes with needs that goes beyond the basics, MyScript Nebo can handle the challenge. While many note-taking applications allow you to enter text, Nebo can also easily structure notes, allowing you to add paragraphs, titles, and bulleted lists for the organization.

It also handles "rich content", such as diagrams, sketches (with different colors and pen widths), flow charts and formulas, allowing you to integrate them into the document. Once completed, documents can be exported in a variety of formats, including Word, PDF and even HTML.

Nebo is available for multiple platforms, including Windows 10, Android and, of course, iOS, for $ 5.99 (£ 4, AU $ 8).

5. Whink

The focus of ink gel pen for notes

Imitate a gel pen on paper

Perfect geometric shapes

Affordable cost

Without integration in the cloud

Whink is an application of iOS that is equally at home taking notes by handwriting, as it does with the text. Whink uses a gel ink pen and an intelligent eraser to make the writing process as fluid as real paper.

Other media can be added and incorporated, including photographs, color diagrams and "perfect geometric shapes". The documents can also be marked and it admits multiple tasks to take notes while reading another document (we have witnessed people walking with two tablets to achieve this feat when it is not compatible).

Whink can be added to your iPad Pro for $ 4.99 (£ 4, AU $ 7).

6. Notes

The default application for taking notes may be all you need

Included in iOS

No additional cost

Notes shared via iMessage

Limited support that is not Apple Cloud

The Notes application comes with all iOS devices. While some default applications simply ask to be replaced by a third-party solution (Windows Paint, we're looking at you), Notes is actually quite useful, and even called an Evernote replacement, so be sure to check everything you have to offer before to ignore.

Of course, the application title tells you that Notes can create and edit notes. However, there are many advanced functions, such as adding a table, scanning a document with the device's camera and also incorporating photos and video content.

Additional features include Quick Draw to make it easier to add a sketch through a Draw a pencil on a blank area of ​​the screen without having to enable Draw mode, a built-in checklist creator and shortcuts to be able to include a map in a note. The notes can also be organized into folders and even password protected.

Notes can be synchronized through iCloud, although there are difficulties to use other providers, such as Google Drive.

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