This may be how the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in-display fingerprint sensor works

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are starting to heat up as the phone is expected to launch in August or September of this year, and a new patent shows how one of the biggest rumored updates may be possible.

Specifically, a new patent shows how a fingerprint scanner on the screen could be possible on the phone.

The patent, filed by Samsung and found by 91 Mobiles shows that the company will likely allow you to place your fingerprint in the lower half of the screen to unlock the handset.

Shows that the phone can use the light emission properties of the AMOLED screen to fluctuate the brightness around where it touches.

How will it work? [19659006] That way you can track your fingerprint and calculate if you are the right person; It is a technology very similar to the one we saw in the Vivo X20 Plus UD that was launched with a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

We know that Samsung has been experimenting with display-f printing technology for some time. We heard that the company wanted to include it in the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 ranges, but it was not ready for any of those devices.

This information is not official and is one of the many routes the company could go to when it finally decides to implement fingerprint technology on the screen. But considering that this is a technology similar to what we have seen in other phones, it could be the route that Samsung decides to download when a scanner of this type is started.

If you're ready for the Galaxy Note 9, it's the big question. Instead, it is possible that the company continues with its work in technology and debuts the new function in the Samsung Galaxy S10 next year.


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