This app will scan your record artwork and find tunes on Spotify

Spotify has some excellent music recommendation systems, and its search is also exhaustive. But sometimes an album you've seen may not have an obvious name on its cover, or you're too lazy to write.

A new experimental application called Record Player allows you to take a photo of a record sleeve, it must be scanned and analyzed, and then automatically searched within the Spotify library.

Use the Google Vision API to guess the source image, and it was built using Glitch, a platform designed to allow the design of collaborative applications. [19659002] You can check it in action below:

Battlefields of the record store

You can also have fun with the application: with its image loading function, you can feed any image you want in the system and see which album returns more similar.

Of course, for the lover of physical media, this can be seen It is a somewhat worrisome development: how long the record stores will last if it is so easy to simply enter one, take a picture of their products and get away with all the melodies without spending a penny? It would be as if you were stealing the experience and knowledge of the curatorial staff.

But cheer up as vinyl is still experiencing a resurgence right now, particularly in the UK, where sales are increasing year after year. in 2017 to hit 4.1 million displaced units. It could be time to invest in one of our selections of the best turntables.

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