Krunal and Rohit clinch Indians victory

Krunal and Rohit take the victory of the Indians

The Indians of Mumbai claimed a dramatic victory over Kings XI Punjab in Indore to jump from the bottom of the IPL table.

News May 5, 2018, 00:23 IST


  Indians - CROPPED
Indians of Mumbai.

Krunal Pandya and Rohit Sharma wore a sensational batting display to snatch a six-field victory over Mumbai Indians at Kings XI Punjab on Friday.

Defeat Sunrisers Hyderabad The last time they broke a four-game winning streak for Kings XI and could not defend their 174-6 total in Indore.

Chris Gayle scored for the home team with 50 but it turned out to be in vain, as Krunal and Rohit closed the match in style.

After Suryakumar Yadav laid solid foundations for the persecution of Indians with a stroke of 57, a dazzling 18th actually put visitors in the driver's seat.

Needing 36 of the last three overs, Krunal and Rohit combined for 20 races of the six installments, sending them to 19th place and requiring only 16 for the win. [19659021] And Mumbai just needed six more balls to annihilate that goal: a break of four to finish the job with much more.

The triumph is only the third of the season of the Indians and lifts them from the bottom of the table.


In addition to the unbeaten 31 of Krunal, Hardik Pandya contributed to the Indians with 23 of 13 installments.

Krunal said: "When I play, I feel pressure outside, when I play, I feel pressure outside, the fraternal bond is there.

" The last game, I was upset because I did not win the team. It was simple, anything is persecutable in this field.

"You have a little more confidence with these very short limits".


Gayle has been in good form for Kings XI this season and had scored 252 runs in four innings before Friday's game.

The West Indian batter put another half a century for the home team, fired by Ben Cutting after his 50th outing.

However, Gayle's innings only included two sixes – down on his six-year average per season in the middle this season – and his performance was not enough to win the XI Kings victory.


The defeat extends Kings XI's losing streak at home to the Indians in five games, having defeated them on their own ground in 2013. [19659043] googletag.cmd .push (function () {googletag.display (& # 39; div-gpt-ad-1523280827407-0 & # 39;);});

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