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  Empire: Four Kingdoms (Polska) 2.5.61
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Fight epic battles, win glorious victories and form powerful alliances with thousands of other players in a gigantic interactive world map. As king and lord, you have been called to build a mighty fortress and control the destiny of your kingdom.
Conquer new lands in four thrilling kingdoms: recruit an army of brave knights, equip your ruthless troops with deadly weapons, and send them into battle to fight under their banner! Of course, every great empire also needs a solid defense: choose the right strategy to send the enemy army fleeing in terror!
Honor, glory and riches! Earn rewards by achieving honor and glory in battle, and move from poverty to wealth by administering your kingdom wisely. Build your strength from the bottom up so that it becomes the largest on earth. Produce resources and negotiate with other players to expand your empire in multiple realms. More land means more subjects, and more gold for you!
Forge powerful diplomatic alliances: join forces with your friends and other players to face your enemies and conquer new lands together. Support each other by sending resources or troops, or helping each other to rebuild after an attack. United we stand!
This medieval strategy MMO will transport you to a time when power was everything and only the strongest survived. Prove that you have what it takes to be the most powerful and honorable lord of the whole earth!
♚ Fight epic battles against countless players on the interactive world map
♚ Build a majestic castle to resist even your strongest opponents
♚ Raise an army of knights, archers, swordsmen and more
♚ Form an unbeatable alliance with your friends and other powerful players
♚ Produce and exchange resources to build more than 60 different buildings
♚ Regular updates with new content and challenges
♚ Fast and easy support in your language
♚ Explore the four kingdoms now and become a legend!
Problems and questions: http://support.goodgamestudios.com /? lang = es & g = 16
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* This application is completely free to play. In addition, it offers optional purchases in the application. You can deactivate the purchase in the application using the settings of your device.
This game requires an Internet connection.

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    Android 4.0 and up [19659014] Empire: Four Kingdoms (Polska) 2.5.61:

      Empire: Four Kingdoms (Polska) 2.5.61

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    Facilities : 1,000,000+

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    Requirements [19459099]: Android 4.0 and later

    Classification of content : All persons older than 10

New in Empire: Four Kingdoms (Polska) 2.5.61

    Sharpen your swords and prepare your armies for the battle of Fury's Blade! It is not an event for the weak, this prestigious event will face the lords and servants of the castle as they fight to defeat the invaders, crush their rivals Berimond and defeat the evil shapeshifters in order to obtain the most powerful sword of the empire. Check out the community center for more information about Battle for Fury & s Blade and our latest updates!

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