Celebrate May the Fourth with the best Star Wars deals in Australia

Despite its humble beginnings as a playful nod to the legendary Star Wars event, May 4 has become an international day of celebration of the franchise and its vast universe. We've hunted near and far (far away) to track down some of the best gadgets and the biggest savings in movies, games and Star Wars collectibles.

No matter what period of the long saga you're a fan, we're It has Blu-rays just for you, and if you want to play games with energetic battles or heroically tender adventures, we have it covered. So, of course, it's just a matter of deciding if you're more of a X-Wing or Millennium Falcon …

Rate the franchise for less with these offers in the movies


Star Wars: The Complete Blu-ray Saga for $ 65.99 :

This amazing collection brings together the first six movies in an exciting and exciting Blu-ray collection, and you can get 20 % when you buy from Amazon Australia, but keep in mind that the discount will be applied to the box once you have entered your payment details.
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Rogue One: A Blu-ray from Star Wars Story for $ 35.98 :

The entry of 2016 in the universe of Star Wars was the first to not follow the main saga and boy, was a doozie. You can enjoy it on May 4 by obtaining the Amazon Blu-ray for $ 35.98 (the 20% discount will be applied to the billing once you have entered the payment details). Follow a group of Rebels while facing danger as they try to steal plans for the Death Star.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray for $ 40 :

While Kylo Ren and the First Order are on the rise, watch King and Finn try to find the only person who can save the galaxy. This movie is available on Blu-ray for only $ 40 from Amazon Australia. You will notice that the price drops by 20% when you enter the payment details in the payment process.
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu – For $ 20 :

Luke's search for Luke Skywalker continues as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Get Amazon Blu-ray for just $ 20 and let Skywalker Saga continue this May 4th. You can even see The Last Jedi in glorious 4K by getting the [UBS Blu-ray] for only $ 29.58 . Just keep in mind that the 20% discount will only apply once you have entered the details of your payment.
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You've seen the movies, now play the games

Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR game for $ 199 :

Unleash your inner Jedi with the Lenovo AR device that lets you handle a lightsaber like a Jedi Master. Experience the battles from a galaxy far, far away, actually augmented, for only half the price. The Force will be with you until June 30, as the AR Star Wars: Jedi Challenges device from Lenovo is available directly from the company for $ 199.
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[19659002] Star Wars: Battlefront II from $ 48 [19659017] :

This visually stunning shooter based on the Star Wars franchise is the latest installment in the Battlefront series of games. And although there was a lot of controversy when it was first launched, the dust settled and the game is on. Get it from Mighty Ape for PS4 and Xbox One for $ 49 and on PC for $ 48
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Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens for $ 49.99 :

This action-adventure video game will take you through the fight of the Rebels against the Galactic Empire and is available at PS4 and Xbox One for $ 49.99. It's fun, cute and action-packed, but it's even better for the whole family.
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Lego, collectables and other merchandise

[19659016] X-Wing Resistance fighter from Lego Star Wars for $ 120 :

No matter how old you are, building an X-Wing can be exciting. This Lego X-Wing set comes with Poe Dameron, Lor San Tekka, a First Order Flametrooper and BB-8, so you can fly around the galaxy very, very far and help the Resistance to take a stand in their fight against the Empire. Amazon offers a 20% discount on Star Wars toys, but you will see the discount added to your cart at the time of payment only after you have completed the payment details.
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Lego Star Wars heavy assault walker for $ 144 :

Approach the giant which is the Walker, with Poe and a resistance soldier. This Lego Walker game comes with a First Order Walker Driver and Stormtrooper as well. Open the cockpit and pop the controller and make it go around the planet. The game also includes King's lightsaber, two blasters and a pistol, along with a 20% discount, which you will see in the box after you have given Amazon the details of your payment.
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Star Warsor Jedi from Lego Star Wars Yoda for $ 46.51 :

This Lego package includes Yoda and R2-D2, along with Yoda's lightsaber and extra ammunition. The Starfighter has folding wings and the cockpit can be opened to place Yoda in place for a battle. Get it and start your fight against the Galactic Empire.
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Floating version of Episode V of the Millennium Falcon for $ 331 :

It is the first floating model of the Millennium Falcon presented in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. It has been crafted in meticulous detail and includes the AG-2G quad laser gun, and uses electromagnets to make the model float. Get it today for $ 331.
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Sphero BB-9E enabled for applications for $ 282 :

Join to the dark side associating with BB-9E, the astromech droid of the First Order. You can control BB-9E with a complementary application as it rolls around the galaxy. It is available on Amazon for $ 282.
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Drug enabled for Sphero R2-D2 applications for $ 169.07 : [19659006] This astromech droid a galaxy far, far away will make you fall in love. R2 is a great assistant and pilot mechanic and you can explore the galaxy with him by your side. Artoo will recreate holographic simulations so you can explore and react to you with their beeps and boops.
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Trivial search: Star Wars Black Series Edition board game for $ 29.60 :

Imagine that you are a Jedi Master of trivialities and you play Trivial Pursuit, remembering the favorite moments of the movie. So choose your loyalty and pick up the six wedges and respond correctly to win. There is also a 20% discount when you shop at Amazon Australia, but keep in mind that you will not see the promotion offer until you have added your payment details at the time of payment.
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Star Wars Comics :

Your Star Wars adventures do not have to end with movies or the games. There are many books to keep you immersed in the galaxy very, very far away. To celebrate May 4th, eBay has a 10% discount on Star Wars comics with the application of the code PADAWAN at the time of payment.
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