Best Australian broadband & NBN plans compared: Updated May 2018

UPDATE: Telstra has finally reintroduced unlimited broadband plans, so our summary has been adjusted to reflect the additional value of its broadband packets. Details below.

It may be difficult to find the right broadband plan for your home because there are so many options. If the NBN launch has finally brought fiber broadband to your area, should I really get it immediately? Or should I opt for the Cable plan that could get speeds of up to 100 Mbps instead (as long as I have the option to do so)? And what happens if you only have access to ADSL? Whatever service you currently have, we consider that we can obtain an excellent broadband agreement.

It is important to keep in mind that these recommendations do not take into account other factors that could make certain offers a better option for you. For example, do you already have a Telstra mobile plan and a domestic telephone line? If so, combining them with a Telstra cable or an ADSL connection on the same Telstra bill could save you money in general. However, we will leave these decisions to you.

On this page, you will find a list of our recommended broadband offers, separated into three types of connection: ADSL, cable and NBN (also known as fiber). We'll update this page regularly when bids change or when new ones are available, so it's worth going back to this article when you're ready to sign up for a new plan.

When requesting new broadband offers, make sure you are not registered in a contract that you can not get out of: most broadband contracts have a term of 12 or 18 months, so it's important to get in touch with your current provider before. commit to anything else.

Another thing that is worth noting is that some services may not be available in your area. If a particular deal suits you, go to the provider's website to find out if it is available at your address.

Another notable recent development is that some providers have discarded the line rental charges separately, so that others could also do the same in the coming months.

Now let's look at the best broadband offers in May 2018.

The best ADSL offers

ADSL customers have a lot of great options on offer, from a reasonable amount of data to direct downloads unlimited Depending on the amount of data you are likely to use each month, you can surely find a large broadband agreement to meet your needs.

$ 40- $ 50

Belonging | 100GB | ADSL2 + | Without contracts | $ 40 per month (+ installation fee of $ 60) | Red Telstra | For only $ 40 per month without blocking contracts, Belong offers customers unlimited data with some conditions. First, you will need an existing Telstra phone line and, secondly, a small installation fee of $ 60. If this agreement is available in your area, it is certainly a good option to consider. Minimum cost for the first months: $ 100

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$ 50- $ 70

Optus | Unlimited | ADSL2 + | Without contracts | $ 60 per month (+ installation fee of $ 200) | Optus Network | This agreement, which is available exclusively online, offers unlimited data on the Optus network for $ 60 with a setup fee of $ 200. The deal includes a Wi-Fi modem. Minimum cost for the first month: $ 260

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$ 70 +

iiNet | Unlimited | ADSL2 + | 24 month contract | $ 79 per month (setup fee of $ 59.95) | Red Telstra | An excellent choice for those who do not want to get stuck in a contract, iiNet offers downloads & # 39; Liimiteless & # 39; for only $ 79 per month (after a single setup fee of $ 59.95). It also includes calls from & # 39; pay per use & # 39; and a Fetch Premium TV package and a 1-channel package. Minimum cost of the first month: $ 1,919.76

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Best cable offers

If you're looking for robustness and incredible speed, cable is a good choice For those who can get it With speeds of up to 100Mbps, the cable can be a suitable alternative to fiber connections, according to your plan. Unlike ADSL, you do not need a telephone line and your monthly fee is usually high. That said, you may experience reduced bandwidth during peak hours of use.

$ 40- $ 60

Optus | Unlimited | Cable | no lock-in contract | $ 60 per month (+ installation fee of $ 200) | Although it is a strong initial fee of $ 200, it is difficult to overcome the Optus unlimited cable Internet plan, which does not have a fixed contract, for only $ 60 per month. This option of 60 Plan Cable M2M also includes a free Wi-Fi modem. Minimum cost for the first month: $ 260.

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$ 60- $ 80

Optus | Unlimited | Cable | 24 month contract | $ 80 per month (installation fee of $ 0) | Like the ADSL version of this plan Optus & # 39; 80 Plan Cable offers you the security and consistency of service from a large provider, and offers unlimited data for $ 80 per month on a contract 24 months. It also includes an advanced Wi-Fi modem and a Yes TV by Fetch Mighty decoder. Minimum total cost for 24 months: $ 1,920.

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Best fiber offers (NBN)

After years of waiting, many Australians are now discovering that the NBN has finally arrived in their area. If you have access to a fiber connection, you may want to consider one of the plans below. Each one offers unlimited data, with the price difference basically reflecting the speed you will get.

$ 40- $ 60

Optus | Unlimited | NBN | no lock-in contract | $ 60 per month (+ installation fee of $ 200) | Fear of NBN commitment? The Optus M2M 60 plan is a good option for those who want unlimited data at an affordable price but do not want to sign any contract. The maximum speed is 12 mbps. A Wi-Fi modem is included. Minimum cost for the first month: $ 260

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$ 60- $ 80

Optus | Unlimited | NBN | no lock-in contract | $ 80 per month (installation fee of $ 200) | As in the previous deal, only the additional $ 20 you pay per month will raise your top speed to 25 mbps and offer you a Mighty Fetch TV just in case. Minimum cost for the first month: $ 280

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$ 80 +

iiNet | Unlimited | NBN | no lock-in contract | $ 99.99 per month (installation fee of $ 59.95) | Offering unlimited downloads at a potential speed of up to 100Mbps (but typically around the speed range of 87.2Mbps) for just under $ 100 per month, it's hard to beat the data plan & # 39; Nim100 & # 39; LiNet from iiNet. It comes with a Fetch TV decoder as an additional advantage. Minimum cost for 24 months: $ 2,399.76

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