WWE Finally Signs Top Independent Star Keith Lee.

From the WWE Rumor Mill: Keith Lee signs a contract with WWE

Lee could be the biggest addition to the NXT list

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News May 3, 2018, 11:48 IST


  Keith Lee faces Kassius Ohno during his match in Axxess
Keith Lee faces Kassius Ohno during his match in Axxess

What's the story?

NXT is known to be the Development Center of some of the best talent in the future major list in WWE. What started as a promotion to create new superstars has now become something else, since NXT is almost a brand in itself.

Post-WrestleMania and during the Superstar Shakeup, quite a few members of the NXT list were called to the Main List This left the NXT list a bit depleted without the Superstars they had for so long.

The exhausted list may not be cause for concern since According to reports from PWTorch a new addition is directed to NXT from the stand-alone scene. It seems that Keith Lee could soon be the newest member. of the NXT payroll.

In case he did not know …

Keith Lee was treated by the WWE in March, according to Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer newsletter.

During the WrestleMania weekend, Lee faced off against Kassius Ohno at a match at Axxess and received mixed reviews from WWE officials. PWTorch reports that a WWE source said that Lee had a reputation for making dangerous moves and that there were some things that needed to change in his approach to wrestling.

The heart of the matter

According to PWTorch, Keith Lee is expected to visit NXT in the near future, after he has finished all his Independent Reserves in May.

Lee is booked for a farewell appearance at PWG on May 25.

More credit was given to the rumor when Lee confirmed to a fan on Twitter that he would not participate in the Evolve event in Melrose, Massachusetts, which is supposed to take place in June. He said the only appearance he could confirm with Evolve were those that took place in Detroit in May, 19 and 20.

On May 20, he will face Matt Riddle for the Evolve Championship, which seems to be the last time that face.

What's next?

Lee is set to appear for Evolve on May 19 and 20 in Detroit, and a final appearance on PWG on May 25.

Author & # 39; s take

Working with WWE after spending so much time on the independent scene is not the easiest thing in the world. After answering no one but himself, Lee will have to buckle up and work with the WWE staff behind the scenes if he wants to succeed.

When Lio Rush came to WWE he was not coachable and his time at the beginning of his WWE term was difficult for him and the team. Lee will have to adjust his style and follow the advice of the staff to adapt to the product that WWE published on NXT.

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