Oculus Rift 2: release date, news and rumors

Update: It seems like a little more time will pass before Oculus Rift 2 is announced.

The big Facebook developer conference F8 2018 came and went without mentioning the next-generation Oculus Rift hearing aids, although the The company launched the new Oculus Go independent handset on May 1.

While I did not hear a pip on the Oculus Rift 2 during F8, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer mocked that "exciting updates" related to the Santa Cruz Project were expected later this year. He also announced that the handset has been sent to external developers, a clear signal that the launch date of the Santa Cruz Project is approaching.

Will we see the launch of the Santa Cruz Project this year, perhaps unveiling as Oculus Rift 2? We have a few months left before we find out.

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Oculus Rift has changed the way we think and use virtual reality. By making VR more accessible and relatively affordable, Oculus Rift has brought virtual worlds to the masses.

As transformative as Oculus Rift has been, it has also been eclipsed by the HTC Vive, which we have considered the best VR headset you can. to buy. This is largely due to Vive's superior room scale tracking.

It turns out, first it meant Oculus Rift sent in a state that was not quite ready. However, it has come a long way to close the gap to its potential, including the introduction of intuitive touch controllers, additional Oculus sensors and a lower price. What's more, the tide in use seems to be changing in favor of Oculus Rift, at least according to the most recent Steam survey.

But when will we see the Oculus Rift 2? That is a loaded question. It is possible that we have already seen Oculus Rift 2 in the form of the Santa Cruz unattached project. On the other hand, Oculus Rift 2 could end up being an adequate evolution of Oculus Rift, PC-cable and everything.

Here you will find all the rumors currently circulating about a possible successor to Oculus Rift, as well as everything we expect to be the Oculus Rift 2.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is that? A continuation of the Oculus Rift VR headset
  • When did it come out? No hardware has been announced yet
  • How much will it cost? We hope it's less than the Oculus Rift

Release date

Without an official announcement about the launch of Oculus Rift 2 yet, it's not clear when we're going to watch the tracking of the Facebook VR headsets (Facebook has Oculus).

As we are in the first generation of VR hearing aids, there is still speculation about which update model Oculus will follow and the industry in general, it could be something like the telephone model, with annual updates, or something more similar to the model of console, with updates every six years or so.

The independent Oculus Go Facebook headset was launched on May 1. Oculus Go works without a PC or smartphone, joining the recent wave of all-in-one VR headsets. We would not classify Oculus Go as Oculus Rift 2 taking into account the marked differences (without mentioning the name) between the two devices.

Projected the VR wireless headphones from Santa Cruz – is this Oculus Rift 2?

The Santa Cruz project, meanwhile, has already made its way to the third party developers, Facebook CTO announced during F8 in early May.

He also noted that the company will have "exciting updates" related to the headsets to share later this year, which could mean that we are in great news of the Santa Cruz Project during Oculus Connect in October.

It's important to note that HTC recently announced the HTC Vive Pro headset, the next generation of the updated HTC Vive.

With improved resolution and convenience (and built-in headphones!), You're prepared to offer an even better VR experience than Vive. Already launched for consumers, the HTC Vive Pro puts pressure on Oculus to launch their own updated headphones in a short time.


Like everything else about headphones, the price of Oculus Rift 2 is unknown. Our best guess is that it will not be much more expensive than the Oculus Rift, although it is likely to pay more for it than the original Rift.

The Oculus Rift with Touch controllers costs $ 399 / £ 399 (around AU $ 640). The independent Oculus Go price is $ 199 / $ 199 / AU $ 299 for the 32 GB edition. The price of the Santa Cruz project is currently unknown, but it is likely to be more expensive than the current Oculus Rift.

Oculus Go independent headphones

Oculus Go independent headphones

Where that leaves Oculus Rift 2 is a mystery, if the headphones are a different device to the Santa Cruz Project. As we said, probably will not be much more expensive than the first Oculus Rift, but it will cost more.

As for its competitors, it is also unknown how much the HTC Vive Pro will cost. Its price could also be a factor in the prices of Oculus Rift 2.

For rumors of Oculus Rift 2 and what we want to see, go to the next page!

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