India’s version of Superbowl advertisement, begun last night

The match between Delhi and Rajasthan last night will be one to be remembered with Delhi's narrow victory of four races. Cricket, the most beloved sport in India, is an obligation for everyone, no matter where they are or what they are doing. But many of the spectators present at the venue had their attention set not only by the action in the field, but by a marketing trick that was so surprising; It was brilliant.

Last night, in the stadium of Feroz Shah Kotla, empty chairs with red shirts were seen that caught the attention of the people around them. This small act was carried out by someone, who seemed to empathize with those who were trapped in traffic, unable to tune into the exciting game. The rain only showed that the goal of the campaign was to make empty chairs more prominent as the game progressed.

The trick was so successful, it even came to Twitter , with many compliments (and also empathize with) the idea.

Here is another one.

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