Best Apple Watch apps for your smartwatch in 2018

The Apple Watch is now in its third generation, and the Apple Watch 3 is quite popular, so that's why you're probably here checking the new applications.

In fact, it is one of the best smart watch options, and now we are in the third generation, it is becoming a smart choice particularly achieved for your wrist.

The number one question we heard from the new owners of Apple Watch is, "what applications should I download first?" To facilitate the answer to that query, we designed a complete list of the best Apple Watch applications. With the right options, your new digital watch will become so much more.

Before going into that, remember to go to the main application of Apple Watch on your iPhone: there you will see a list of applications already installed on your phone that can also be transferred to your watch. If you see one that you like as seen here, you will first have to download it to your iPhone.

Be sure to tag the apps you want on your watch – and disable the ones you do not want, since that takes up valuable space you can use to add music, especially if you have the Apple Watch 3 LTE version and an Apple Music subscription .

Watch our review video of the Apple Watch Series 3 below …

New this week: SimpleCommands

This is an intriguing one. SimpleCommands allows you to connect your Apple Watch to other devices (LIFX lights, TP link switches, Wink doors, Nest thermometers, Netatmo home automation, etc.) and soon services such as Spotify, Lyft, IFTTT, Todoist and Twitter.

Once you have established a connection, you can control that connection through your iPhone or Watch (you must first configure them in the iPhone application). Your watch then becomes what the developer calls a listener.

All you need to do to make something happen is to tell the listener what to do. The main benefit is that, to paraphrase Radiohead, everything is in its right place: either its air conditioning or its lighting system, everything is done from a single application on your wrist.

Brilliant, right? Well, potentially. The list of upcoming connections is longer than the list of currently compatible ones, and early users say it's a bit scaly: we're still in the territory of the one-point version and something, so we should expect errors.

But if you're tired of having to use different applications to control each different digital thing in your life, this could be what makes your digital life so much more comfortable.

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