United Airlines to start flying pets again, but many dog breeds are banned

United Airlines will accept dogs and cats for air travel again starting this summer. The company made the announcement yesterday after a temporary suspension was established for the death of a pet. But this time, United will ban 21 different breeds of dogs and four breeds of cats that tend to have poor performance under conditions of stress or heat travel reports Bloomberg.

Some breeds of dogs that do not travel well include bulldogs, pugs, Shih Tzus and boxers. Burmese, Himalayan, Persian and exotic cats with short hair can not travel by plane either. The complete list of prohibited races can be found here.

United will begin accepting dogs and cats on July 9 whenever the owner of the pet is booked on the same flight. The airline also partnered with American Humane to improve travel conditions for pets.

In March, the airline suspended pets from traveling in cargo after a stewardess told a passenger to place his dog in the overhead compartment and the dog later died. The dog was a French bulldog, which will now be one of the forbidden breeds. While PetSafe's pet transportation program was suspended, the airline said it was conducting a "thorough and systematic review" of pets traveling and consulting pet safety and travel experts.

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