The best gaming mouse deals in May 2018

A mouse for games is a mouse for games, it is a mouse for games, or so you have been told. The truth is that there is a lot to choose from when it comes to this annoying, although necessary, rodent. And what better way to decide between them than to let the money speak?

When you buy a game mouse for yourself, it is crucial to be aware of the price you are paying in relation to the specifications and the comfort you will get from it.

You do not have to know what it means & # 39; DPI & # 39; (They are points per inch, by the way), but it is useful to know the value of 12,000 against 16,000 of them. It is also worth knowing that a higher polling rate gives better response times and, therefore, lower latency.

Whether you need a mouse for wired or wireless, RGB or dimmed games, you can count on our recommendations to take you wherever you go Whatever type of game you play, first person shooter, MOBA, RTS or others, continue with the best and most innovative offers of the month so far.

Best mouse contract with FPS games

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury [19659007] Fits any hand size

Incredible value

Subpar Software

The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury was the Rolls Royce of the Mouse for games when you first connected, and now you can get an incredible discount. Equipped with a 32-bit processor and onboard storage, this gaming mouse basically has a hidden supercomputer that can read the surface on which it tracks and optimize its tracking performance. In addition, this gaming mouse includes many additional buttons for macros and users can customize where and how many optional weights they want to use.

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Best ambidextrous mouse offer

Fast and responsive

Simple and comfortable design

Complicated side buttons

The Steelseries Sensei is a sublime ambidextrous mouse and an excellent example of minimalism in the mouse world. games Cut all the nonsense with a simple and comfortable way that suits both left-handed and right-handed players. More importantly, tracking this mouse is fantastic, even if it is a laser mouse.

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The best ergonomic mouse for games

Full support for the hand

Sensor calibrated for the surface

Only 7,000 DPI

As As simple as pushing a mouse to play video games can sound, do it several times It does important damage to your hand, so it is better to buy an ergonomic device. Fortunately, the Mionix Naos 7000 accomplishes this with aplomb. Basically, you can extend your entire hand over this mouse and feel fully compatible with crests specifically designed to cradle all your fingers. In addition to convenience, the Naos 7000 is equipped with all the intelligence you expect from a premium mouse, including a 7,000 dpi sensor, 32-bit ARM processor and 16.8 million LED color options.

1525227386 436 the best gaming mouse deals in may 2018

The best mouse for MOBA and MMO games

Clicky macro buttons

Customizable design

Can be small for larger hands

Having all your powers at your fingertips can make all the difference in the MMO and MOBA games, and the Corsair Scimitar RGB is among the best multi-button game mice. Not only does it have 12 fully customizable macro buttons, but it also integrates mechanical key switches that move along an adjustable rail. The Cimitarra completes everything with a 12,000 dpi sensor and four-zone RGB lighting configuration.

1525227386 927 the best gaming mouse deals in may 2018

Best wireless gaming mouse

Pictek 2400DPI Wireless mouse with adjustable 2.4 G game

Super low price

USB key compartment

No built-in rechargeable battery

Wireless technology He often has a premium, but he can still find some real thefts. Take for example the Pictek 2400DPI 2.4G adjustable wireless gaming mouse that is discounted on Amazon. Although it is not the fastest wireless gaming mouse in the world with an upper DPI of 2,400, it is built with an ergonomic design and offers seven customizable buttons.

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