Ninja Ultimate Chopper, Blender & Mini Food Processor NN100UK Review

What is the Ninja Ultimate Chopper, Blender & Mini Food Processor NN100UK?

The Ninja Ultimate Chopper, Blender & Mini Food Processor NN100UK is a machine designed to handle the daily tasks of food preparation along with more familiar fruits and vegetables. all in a convenient size package that can happily be accommodated even in a small kitchen.

Despite its size, it still manages to fit into a powerful engine, 10 one-touch Auto-Touch programs and a button to increase the influence. The latter moves the blades up to 20,000rpm in the cups and 4000rpm in the Nutri bowl.

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Ninja Ultimate NN100UK – Design and features

The NN100UK has turned shakes into works of art. There are two large Tritan glasses without BPA, of which you can take longer sips throughout the day. Each one has a lid with a spout that rotates 180 degrees, so that it does not get in your nose while you enjoy the last remaining drops.

There is a selection of programs for smoothies: mix or extract with the impulse option: to approach fibrous food as efficiently as nuts, seeds and ice. The Pro Extractor blades simply screw into the cup, which is reversed before being locked into the base; Then, just press the button you choose.

The Nutri bowl functions as a small-sized food processor, with a mixing and kneading blade, a set of Precision Prep stacked blades with four blades for chopping and mashing, and a lid with a drizzle orifice, so you can add liquids or oils while the machine is running, which is ideal for making mayonnaise and sauces.

Here you get the mass, puree and chop programs, plus the option to increase. There is also a Push button and Start / Stop for manual control and strong sucker feet to keep it planted on the countertop.

Ninja Ultimate Chopper NN100UK: How does it feel to use?

I'm not sure what you can do with the Ultimate? His recipe book has almost everything you can imagine, from soups and smoothies to marinades, ice creams, salads, hamburgers, desserts, breads and cookies. Some of these are Americanized and require ingredients such as a stick of butter instead of a quantity in grams. There is also a useful quick assembly guide for anyone who is overwhelmed with the amount of kit.

I started making a pineapple and spinach smoothie in the large cup, using the Extract plus reinforcement program to deal with the pieces of the fibrous fruit. This involved a sequence of blitzing and pauses that was very noisy, but it was reassuring to see the base stay stable on the countertop. The flip-top lid provided easy access to the drink, and the resulting shake was well mixed with a consistent texture without lumps.

Next, I filled the smallest cup with the ingredients for the Morning Berry recipe, which included honey and flaxseed along with frozen berries. I used the Blend plus boost program, which followed a pattern similar to that of Extract.

Both smoothie programs took a minute and were counted as they mixed. The recipe for the berry was not as smooth as expected and some remains of flax seeds were kept, while a piece of honey stuck to the side of the cup remained unmixed. Fortunately, manual mode helped increase the fusion time to obtain a smoother result.

When I changed the Nutri container and the stacked knife, I added two carrots. As the bowl was quite small, it was necessary to cut it into pieces to secure the lid. I opted for the Chop program without an impulse. This consisted of two quick pulses, which mostly did the work, although there were some larger pieces of carrot. The container has no handle, which makes scraping the contents a little complicated with nothing to hold onto.

Finally, I used the blade to make bread sticks. The container is not large enough to accommodate enough flour, even for a small bread, but you can make other recipes based on bread. This version used 125 g of flour and 100 ml of water, which almost filled the bowl in half.

Using the dough program, the ingredients were combined in about 10 seconds, although the machine did not knead the mixture. Bread sticks showed and improved after a small amount of manual kneading.

Cleaning was simple since all parts of the Ninja Ultimate Chopper are dishwasher safe. However, the stacked blade was uncomfortable and dangerous to clean by hand; Your design would be better with more than one spindle to hold while washing.

Why buy the Ninja Ultimate Chopper NN100UK?

Although you will never be able to replace a full-sized food processor, where the NN100UK excels when doing small tasks for which you would be reluctant to remove an appliance from the closet, cut a couple of vegetables or beat quickly, for example .

However, it remains a smoothie maker with extra functionality, which makes it ideal for single families and couples instead of large families and enthusiastic chefs who are likely to struggle with their processing size. Keep in mind that it is especially noisy, and the bowl without handle makes it difficult to use, but it can not be overcome due to its versatility.

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A safe solution for poor space cookers and smoothie lovers alike.

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