Microsoft still won’t say how many Xbox Ones have been sold

Microsoft today offers a vague update to its Xbox One sales, after largely remaining silent for years on exactly how many consoles have been sold. "Xbox One sales have increased 15 percent compared to the same period last year," says Microsoft's game marketing chief, Mike Nichols, in a blog post about Xbox numbers "that make up the recording". The blog post still does not include actual sales numbers, so it's hard to say exactly how well the Xbox One is working. Either way, it's encouraging for Microsoft that its Xbox One sales grow this year after the launch of Xbox. One X.

Microsoft provided sales figures when the console was first released in 2013, but the company soon stopped reporting numbers after exceeding 10 million milestone three months after Sony's PS4. Instead, Microsoft has focused primarily on providing numbers on active Xbox Live users, rather than hardware sales. Even today's blog post includes "Xbox Live players have risen 13 percent" and 600,000 friends have been forged through the new Search Group feature. There are also more than 1.2 million clubs on Xbox Live.

The reason why we are not hearing about the actual sales figures of Microsoft is because there is a considerable difference between PS4 and Xbox One Sales. EA left Escape that Microsoft had sold around 19 million Xbox Ones in January 2016, at a time when Sony boasted 35.9 million sales of PS4. Sony has provided regular sales updates, and the company recently revealed that it has now sold more than 76 million PS4 consoles. On the previous generation of Xbox 360 and PS3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 console managed to secure 32 months as the best-selling gaming console in the United States, before the PS3 briefly broke the record before the releases of PS4 and Xbox One.

Microsoft stopped selling the original Xbox One last August, before the release of the Xbox One X in November. While sales of Xbox One probably had problems initially due to a price premium of $ 100 on the PS4 and the wrong launch of Kinect, Microsoft now faces more challenges against the Sony PS4. Gaming exclusives still matter in the console world, and Sony has been able to get some exclusives last year and 2018. Microsoft is preparing for E3 next month, and we hope to learn more about the company's exclusive plans. From first line. games, along with a possible update of the Xbox One Elite driver and the new Microsoft Xbox Live Avatars.

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