The best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for May 2018

With so many fabulous 4K TVs to choose from, making a decision on which one to buy for your family may very well be reduced to the price. A good cheap 4K TV deal can be hard to refuse, and these days there are more fantastic TVs at even better prices than ever.

If you need a new television and do not want to pay more than necessary, why not check out our list of the best cheap 4K TV prices in Australia for April 2018.

We & # 39; We have been on the lookout for the highest value 4K Ultra HD televisions currently on sale, focusing on sets with huge PVR discounts. With so much 4K content currently available to stream on Netflix, Amazon and Stan, now is the perfect time to upgrade to an Ultra HD set. And at these prices, can you even afford not to do it?

Below you will find our selection of the best cheap 4K TV deals for the month of May. However, it is better to keep going, some of these offers are time sensitive and may disappear before the end of the month. Now, let's start our list with our agreement of the month.

4R TechRadar TV Deal of the Month

Sony X8500E 55-inch 4K Smart TV | Now $ 1,270 (it was $ 2,299) | Bing Lee
The price on this impressive 55-inch Sony 4K TV has been reduced by Bing Lee, dropping the price to $ 1,270. This Android TV has incredible image quality and color, with fantastic HDR and 4K scaling capabilities.

Cheap 4K TV offers: less than 55 inches

Kogan 50K LED 4K SmarterTV | Now $ 599 (RRP $ 749) | Kogan
The Australian online retailer has increased its game for its new line of 4K TVs with Android TV. Not only do you get the excellent Google TV operating system and a 4K LED display, you also get support for HDR content and voice remote control, all for the pre-sale price of only $ 599. Yes, you read it right: the TV It has not yet come out (its release date is May 15, 2018), but if you buy it, you will lose this incredible agreement, since the post-publication price will be fixed. at $ 749.

Cheap 4K TV offers: from 55 inches to 65 inches

Kogan 58-inch 4K LED SmarterTV | Now $ 799 (RRP $ 949) | Kogan
As with its new 50-inch stellar model, the 4K SmarterTV 58-inch LED from Kogan delivers the products at an incredible price. When running on Android TV, the new 58-inch Kogan set also supports HDR10 and comes with a voice remote control. Available for presale now at a special price of $ 799 (it will cost $ 949 after its release date of May 15, 2018), the SmarterTV 4K LED 50-inch Kogan has a great value for money.

Cheap 4K TV offers: more than 65 inches

TCL 75C2US 4K Smart Android TV | Now $ 2,695 (RRP $ 3,999) | The Good Guys
Last month, we made a list of this fabulous television for the impressive price of $ 2,739. Now, it's priced at just $ 2,695 at The Good Guys! An incredible price for a 75-inch Ultra HD device, this offer on the TCL 75C2US TV is an excellent value for money. Not only is it compatible with HDR10, but it also runs on the Android TV platform and built-in Harmon Kardon sports speakers for excellent audio quality.

The best deals on our favorite 4K TVs

Maybe you do not look for a cheap TV version, but you just want a good deal on a first-line television. In that case, check out some of the best deals for our current favorite 4K TVs below.

More Smart TV Offers 4K

The televisions mentioned above are just a small selection of television offers available online, with a lot of games in various sizes and brands that are reduced every day. If previous TVs do not fit your needs or do not fit your price range, you can see even cheaper 4K TV deals on Getprice.

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