Sonos home theater system with Alexa and HDMI teased

A new presentation from the FCC suggests that there is a new Sonos system in process – a home theater system that comes equipped with Alexa.

Sonos has been busy coping with Alexa, having made his line of speakers compatible with Amazon Voice Assistant. He also embedded Alexa in Sonos One, his latest smart speaker.

This new presentation suggests that a larger intelligent configuration is being prepared. The information in the document is scarce, but there is a bit of juicy information in the following passage: "The S14 model is a high-performance all-in-one intelligent home theater loudspeaker and part of the Sonos home sound system."

Sound Choice

Join this with clues that it will have voice control and comes equipped with an HDMI slot (previous incarnations opted for an optical output) and what it has is a system that has the potential to pump Dolby Atmos , and we love living in a world of Dolby Atmos and other audio beauties.

The variety, which broke the story, tried to get some information from Sonos about the new speaker, but they were quite shy, pointing out: "We are constantly looking for new ways to offer the best possible experiences for our clients. additional details to share. "

Personally, we'd love to see another iteration of Sonos Playbar. The speakers on the Playbar were majestic, but their lack of HDMI left us a bit frustrated, add this and Alexa, and it could be a fantastic product. Considering that Sonos Playbase has only a few months, we can not see it being renewed.

Or could it be that Sonos has a totally different speaker configuration under his smart sleeve?


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