Nikon confirms new mirrorless camera will be added to its lineup in 2019

The rumors of a new mirrorless Nikon system have been heating up lately, but now we have confirmation that the latest camera to join the Japanese company lineup will arrive around March or April 2019. [19659002] Nikon Imaging Japan executive Kimito Uemura spilled the beans at this year's Camera & Photo Imaging Show (better known as CP +) during a televised interview aired on the Japanese network NKH.

When asked about the company's plans to launch a new camera without a mirror, he said: "Unfortunately, we could not get a model without a mirror for this year's event, but the development is underway, and we hope bring one to the market for spring next year. "

A moment for reflection

Although this news is exciting, it is not yet clear what kind of mirrorless system Nikon will reveal next year.

There is no indication of whether the camera will be aimed at professionals or it will be a basic offer.

Nikoneye the first to report the announcement, speculating that the camera could be an entry-level frameless mirror camera with a new mount compatible with existing F-mount lenses. The predictions also point to a 30MP sensor with phase detection autofocus.

Only time will tell exactly what Nikon does, but there is a good chance that we will also discover more about the mirrorless cameras of Canon Sony and Olympus at the same time.

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