How to get the Sarah Huckabee Sanders smoky eye look: a beauty tutorial

Millions of beauty enthusiasts have learned to copy makeup from their favorite stars, to become complex nail art and, yes, to master the elusive and sensual smoky look through the cutting edge of YouTube: makeup tutorials. However, a quick look at social networks in recent days would suggest that political commentators have seen few, if any, of them.

Over the weekend, comedian Michelle Wolf hosted the White House Correspondents' Dinner with a scathing routine that pointed to Trump and his administration, with copious beards reserved for other conservatives, Congress in general and the media themselves. In one of his jokes, Wolf compared White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Aunt Lydia, a brutal enabler of the fascist and anti-woman regime in The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale and joked about how ingenious it is: "Burn the facts, and then use that ash to create a perfect smoky eye."

Beyond the conservatives' inevitable outrage that Lobo is disrespectful of President Trump's sensitive and innocent flower, an even stranger reaction arose: the idea that Wolf had attacked Sanders for his "physical appearance [19659004] ". Many on Twitter – including Wolf, who noted that " all these jokes were about his despicable behavior ", were baffled by this interpretation. Without a doubt, Sanders suffered some blows to the body, but trying to find the insult to his appearance felt like squinting at a magical eye poster, waiting for the insult to come out and see nothing but relentless attacks on his character. There are many things to criticize Huckabee, but his genuinely solid makeup game is not one of them. The recoil was so oddly out of sync with Wolf's jokes (and reality) that it's hard not to wonder: are people getting hot about this … do you know what smoky eye is it?

This may come as a surprise, but that does not mean that Sanders applied eye shadow to herself as a nineteenth-century chimney sweep rubbing her eyes. A smoky eye is a complex and elegant makeup technique that is difficult to perform well without a copious practice, and to say that someone nailed it is not a small compliment. After reviewing some of my favorite YouTube tutorials, I've put together a quick guide on how to achieve the classic style that Sanders often uses in press meetings:

Step 1: manual

Although it might be tempting to skip this step, the primer ensures that your smoky eye will remain locked and will not be stained or deposited in fine lines as the day or night progresses. It is always important to establish a solid foundation for your work, carefully touching the primer on your eyelids and under your eyes, or carefully and consistently eroding the basic notion of truth, before moving on to the next steps in this process.

Step 2: Concealer

No one's skin or personal integrity is perfect, and we all have imperfections that we would like to hide. To hide those dark circles and their complicity to allow a president who has called the white supremacists "very good people", use a finger to gently stroke the concealer on the delicate skin under his eyes while turning away from a journalist's question about police violence against black people to a speech about the importance of border security and the economy.

Step 3: Lighter Shadow

Begin by applying a medium-toned eye shadow all over the lid, to the edge of the eye, and to the crease. This will not seem very dramatic at first, but that is the point. This is a transition tone, like falsely claiming that immigrant diversity visas are not investigated, which will gradually turn into something much darker, like the defense of deceptive islamophobic videos tweeted by Trump, and stating that "it does not matter" if they are real because they "raise the conversation".

Step 4: darker shadow

Now it's time to put layers. You should select a darker shadow, usually dark brown or dark gray, but if it feels colorful, it could also be plum, dark blue, dark green, or lies. Apply to the edge of the lashes and up to the crease, then use an angled brush to apply one more layer along the line of the lower lashes.

Step 5: Mix

The smoky eye is, above all, a combined appearance, so you do not want to have obvious demarcated lines between the different tones, or between truth and outright falsehood. Using a medium-sized fluffy brush or a contempt for journalism and reality in general, mix carefully, obfuscate and affirm that multiple media reported that Barack Obama ordered Trump's eavesdropping until he achieves a smooth and gradual fading of clear to dark and true to unadulterated fiction.

Step 6: Black Eyeliner

This is where it becomes dramatic. Using a black eyeliner and your preference for "alternative facts," line up your upper and lower eyelids and say frankly that a president who encouraged people in his campaign to assault protesters and even promised to pay his legal fees "in in no way, form or fashion have promoted violence. "This will really make your eyes go away!

Step 7: Highlight

To really intensify that smoky look, remember: contrast is everything. Using a bright marker or your own internalized misogyny, lighten the area on your cheekbones to accentuate the rest of your look. When asked about the president's cruel attack on another woman's appearance, be sure to respond: "What about the constant attacks that receives ?" (Do not forget to add a marker in the corners of your eyes, or call the leader of the female minority House bitter and tell her to "smile a lot more")

Step 8: Mascara

Forgetting the mask would be like not mentioning to Barack Obama: why give up the opportunity to take this sensual look of good to president scapegoat, the first black? Starting at the base of your lash lines, carefully comb your mask wand (waterproof, if possible – you do not want that absolute integrity vacuum to escape!) Through your upper and lower lashes, and blame to Obama for Russian interference because that makes sense, thus completing your smoky look.

Now you're ready to go to town, go to work or be a spokesperson for an allegedly corrupt administration!

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