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  deul 1.4.0
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Are you fast enough for DEUL?
DEUL is a fast-paced, action-packed shooting game that will test your reflexes, precision and timing. Try to overcome the opponents as you face the world and start a duel for China, London, Russia and Brazil. Let the blood fly with your excess as each victory will earn you points and increase your score, you will get a higher score to climb our leaderboards. Play additional mini-game modes for farm tokens! Shoot garbage so they do not kill you or drag your rag doll to kick your opponent's ass!
The game will get harder as you advance and sooner or later you will find an enemy faster than you.
Win each match level up and unlock new ways to win your duels. You can also fight with style while your character gets new sets and accessories as you progress through the game.
All game progress data are saved in the cloud (statistics, purchases and elements for your character). Switch between devices freely in real time and keep playing.
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  • Requirements: [19659011] Android 4.1 and higher

deul 1.4.0:

  deul 1.4.0

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Size : 31.93 MB

Current Version : 1.4.0

Facilities : 1,000,000+

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Requirements : Android 4.1 and up

Content rating : Teen

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    After 12 months of trying new approaches, we have decided to return to DEUL Classic, as many of you have requested.

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