Could new iPhones really drop the 3.5mm headphone jack adapter?

An analyst suggested that Apple could be ready to drop the 3.5mm Lightning package for the iPhones of 2018.

Since Apple took the "brave" decision to drop the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 In addition, the company has included a Lightning adapter to 3.5mm in the box as part of the purchase of its new phone so that users can use their headphones with cable.

Speaking of the iPhones of 2018, analyst Blayne Curtis at Barclays wrote "we currently model no dongle this year". The analysts did not provide any evidence that the company discarded it or a clear reason why they reached this conclusion, but there could be a reason.

Multiple analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo, who is famous for his Apple Reports: have reported that Apple wants to reduce their spending on upcoming iPhones and losing the adapter would reduce the cost of the entire device, in addition to saving logistics on the line of fabric.

Bluetooth first

It would mean that Apple is spending less on both parts and on the package by not including the adapter, but it would surely annoy many customers who have high-end headsets that still use the industry standard connection.

You can currently buy Apple replacement adapters for $ 9 / £ 9, but it's an additional expense and another thing to remember. Having it waiting in the box is useful for the first time you turn on your iPhone and remember that you no longer have a 3.5 mm connector on your phone.

If Apple makes the decision to move away from the adapter in the box, it will be further proof that the company believes that Bluetooth headphones are the future and depends on the success of the AirPod and other headphones.

We may also start seeing more signatures on hearing aids that adopt the Lightning connection with wired headphones. However, if you are a customer looking to buy headphones that work on a variety of devices, this will not be useful and then you should buy a 3.5mm Lightning adapter for those devices.

We still donate "I do not know what the iPhone range of 2018 will be called (we are hearing rumors of iPhone 9, iPhone X2 and iPhone XI), but this new rumor suggests that Apple can make it even harder to listen to headphones with cable completely.

Via AppleInsider

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