An Apple Watch can now be used to activate bike signals on the Lumos Helmet

Lumos today adds a new intelligent feature to its intermittent bicycle helmet: the ability to be controlled by an Apple Watch. The Lumos helmet has turn signals on the back that are normally activated by a wireless remote control attached to the handlebar of a bicycle. Now, Lumos Helmet owners will be able to automatically trigger those signals using hand gestures, as long as they are using an Apple Watch as well.

It's an intelligent feature, especially since Lumos users should theoretically keep signaling with their hands, anyway. So removing the need for buttons means less things that have to be done.

After installing the Lumos Apple Watch application, the clock will record how your user makes the left and right turn gestures. When they do so in the future while the application is running, it will activate the corresponding signal on the helmet. The watch will vibrate to remind users that it is still blinking, and they will have to shake their hand to turn it off. It is assumed that the helmet automatically detects when you are braking, so it does not seem to be a gesture for that.

The only flaw here could be that you are limited to pointing with any arm that uses your watch. . That will be fine for many people, bicycle signs are traditionally done with the left hand, although that is not always ideal if you prefer to signal turns with both arms. (And on a more general note, you should remember to keep the clock and helmet loaded so that everything works).

The helmet sells for $ 180 and has just gone on sale in Apple stores. The Apple Watch app also allows you to track and synchronize attractions with the Health application from Apple and Strava.

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