Twitter is promoting more news links in your timeline

Twitter is giving more importance to the links tweeted by its network, and is beginning to group tweets that mention a link in its timeline. The function has reached the iOS and Android devices, as well as the Twitter web platform, the company has confirmed that Buzz F eed .

The measure comes as part of the change of focus from Twitter to publish more news through your timeline and Moments. Twitter started to appear in the news category on the App Store in 2016 instead of the social media category. He has begun broadcasting live newscasts on the household timeline, and often compiles viral tweets into stories through his Moments tool.

This is a feature similar to what Facebook already does with the links that several friends are sharing. But the interesting thing about Facebook's relationship with news is that it recently changed its algorithms to favor local publishers over national publishers. According to the latest update of Twitter, it would seem that the company is trying to take a different path than Facebook. We have communicated with Twitter to obtain more information.

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