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Rung (Court Piece) is the most addictive card game in South Asia. The game is also known as Court Piece / CoatPiece / Coat Pees which means dealing in Hindi / Urdu.
The word Rung means "Trump" in English and "Hukum" in Arabic
In Goa, India: It's called Seven Hands, the English word "hand" means a trick, that is, a card game, a played by each player per turn.
In the Middle East: it is almost the same as Tarneeb
There are 13 rounds / tricks in Rung / Piece Court
The total of suites is 4 (Sword, Diamond, Clubs, Heart)
The disposition of letters higher to lower is A, K, Q, J, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2
How to play:
The game Court Piece / Rang is a game very interesting. It requires four players to play this game.
A trump selector gets five cards to call the Trump / Rung. Once he calls trump, the cards are distributed in the 5,4,4 lot to each player.
Each player will have 13 cards before the start of the game. The first turn is from the trump selector, therefore, the trump selector is the Round Starter of the 1st round
. Players should follow the Round Start series if possible. The player who throws the highest ranked card of the series started by the round opener will have dominance in that round and will be the opener of the next round.
Use of the trump card to take the reign in a round:
If a player is outside the series in a round with which the holder of the round has begun, that player may use a trump card to dominate in that round.
If more than one player is out of the series in a round, the holder of the Round has started with then the player who will use the highest ranking trump card will have dominance in that round.
When a player can take cards from the floor:
People play with several different rules according to their taste, that is, 3 Round Sar and 5 Round Sar.
The word (Sar) means trick (hand).
3 rounds Sar: Most players in Pakistan play with this rule where a player can take the cards off the ground for the first time in the game if he wins second and third rounds consecutively. After the 3rd round, if a player wins two consecutive rounds he can take cards from the floor.
5 rounds Sar: Some people are also paying now with this rule where a player can take the cards off the ground for the first time in the game if he wins the fourth and the fifth round consecutively. After the fifth round, if a player wins two consecutive
If the winning team wins the 13 rounds, it is called "Court / Shield / Kot / Koat"
If the winning team loses all 13 rounds then It is called a "Goon Court". The word "Goon" means "Horse Shit"
My Rung team has created extensive features and user interface to make this game more interesting for you.
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