May Bank holiday sales 2018: Looking ahead for the best deals this weekend

May bank holiday sales are usually a great opportunity to take a cheeky deal on a wide variety of items. We also offer you a front row seat for the bonanza of bargains and we will offer you the latest offers on this page.

Naturally, we will discover many offers compatible with TechRadar on the latest technology, televisions, laptops, game consoles and other electronic devices. But if we detect decent offers in other articles that we think you may like, we will also give you a shout. After all, you have better things to do during bank holidays than to track the offers section of each retail site, such as trying to sneak the barbeque from the shed without those rain clouds being noticed.

Generally, we get an early warning: from the discounts of the big retailers, so we can offer you excellent selections as soon as they are published. If you prefer to extract a discounted treasure, you will find links to the big stores that will have a bank holiday sale in May then, with the highlights ready to go right below.

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The retailers below are meant to save some special offers for bank holiday sales starting a few days. Some launch pages are now live, but we expect the actual discounts to start as of Friday.

  bank holiday sales

When do the bank holidays begin?

The next banking holiday technically begins on Monday, May 7 in the United Kingdom. But we generally see bank holiday sales spread over the weekend. So, actually, we expect to see big stores start promoting their best discounts for Friday, May 4th.

We are going to close the last offers throughout the weekend below. The best bank holiday bargains will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so do not leave until the last minute to see offers, it may be too late!

If it's lost, there's actually another bank holiday later in the month on May 28, so we'll make sure to offer you the best deals that weekend too.

What kind of offers do we expect in bank holiday sales?

As a sample of what's to come next, you'll find our selections from a previous Holiday Bank sale last August . These are the kind of benchmarks we expect again, although we would certainly appreciate that the prices go down a bit too. Naturally, prices have gone up in most of these items since then.

LG 43UJ634V £ 449 @ Currys – save £ 50
This 43-inch HDR 4K screen was £ 50 cheaper in Currys than in any other UK retailer. For the player ready to join the world of 4K HDR games, this was a great game. Update: You're in luck today since this same TV is available for only £ 359 in Currys at the moment.

Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Watch £ 114.99 @ Amazon – £ 169.99
Garmin is one of the world's leading brands of fitness trackers and we were very tempted by this discount as the trackers installed by GPS They are usually much more expensive than the most basic models. If it drops to £ 114.99 again, this bank holiday sale could be the redemption we need after three days of bacon and beer.

Dyson V6 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner £ 169.99 @ Very – save £ 30 usually goes into the spirit of bank holidays by discounting a wide range of Dyson vacuums. However, this wireless V6 was our group selection and a theft of less than £ 170. The latest version, the V8 Absolute is closer to £ 500 in most stores, so we recommend a previous model considering the big ones savings that are offered.

iPad Pro 9.7 inches 128GB £ 449.98 @ BT save £ 100
The iPad often does not get involved in mid-year sales in all honesty, but this was a big deal at that time, especially since it was the largest 128 GB version. If you want to shop around for current offers, be sure to check out our iPad Pro deals page

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 £ 299 @ Currys – was £ 399 [19659032] The £ 100 discount made this one of the best offers of Android tablets in the UK last year and we're crossing our fingers to see it again, since we're really not interested in the usual PVR of £ 400, especially considering the S3 is now available.

Philips Hue Color Ambiance Start Kit (Spotlight bulbs) £ 99.99 @ BT – £ 129.99
This excellent savings of £ 30 was one of the best Philips Hue Starter Kit packages available to us. never seen before for smart bulbs that change color. These GU10, or reflector bulbs, are usually found in modern built-in kitchens or alcove lighting. This Philips Hue starter kit contains three light bulbs and the Hue Bridge 2.0, the device for connecting light bulbs to your home's Wi-Fi. If you want to know more about the full range of Hue products and the most recent prices, check out the extensive Philips Hue offer guide on our sister site,

Acer notebook with bag, mouse and security package £ 329 @ Tesco
May bank holiday sales always offer some decent offers for laptops and we will surely find more next week too. This was a great price just for the laptop, but the included package made it essential for anyone who needs a basic work machine. It's not like I have to wait for the bank holiday for a cheap laptop, as shown on our laptop offerings page.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £ 449 @ John Lewis – includes 2 year warranty
Older phones tend to have some discount love for bank holiday sales, like this S7 last year, for We hope that the S8 (and hopefully the S9) will also get some tempting offers.

Amazon Echo Dot £ 39.99 @ Amazon [19659016] – era from £ 49.99
Amazon likes any old excuse to discount its Echo products and we expect something similar this year in the Dot and some of the new Echo speakers. If Amazon falls in price, it expects other retailers to follow suit abruptly. Useful if you have a favorite store or gift card that burns a hole in your pocket.

Google Home £ 99 @ Currys John Lewis Argos – was £ 129
Google Home has faced stiff competition from Amazon Echo devices, but It could be said that it is a better option for you if you already enjoy the Google / Android ecosystem. In addition, you can play the free version of Spotify in Google Home – Premium only in Amazon Echo. This was a big deal last year, but we're likely to see a discount on the Google Home Mini this weekend too, especially if Amazon's rival Echo Dot gets a discount.

Nintendo Switch £ 259.99 @ Tesco – save £ 20
This year should be much better for the Nintendo Switch offerings since Nintendo ran out of stock last year. The RRP has remained the same, but discounted games are regularly included now.

PS4 Pro, 90 days PS +, 4 games, £ 329.99 @ Tesco
PS4 Pro offers have been a bit of a crap lately, so we're hoping that bank holiday sales in May will give retailers the excuse to unleash the beast of the business. The new game God of War has been breaking the graphics lately and is one of the most attractive games of the PS4 Pro, so we would love to see some better packages for that.

Xbox One X pre-order £ 449.99 @ Argos
We were still in the pre-order phase last year and discounts have been a little slow since the Xbox One X was launched. Cross fingers May is the turning point, since we would like to see at least two new games incorporated with the free console.

Beeline intelligent navigation for bikes £ 76.09 – was for £ 99.99
Beeline is an innovative gadget (and super cheap!) Which is basically a basic bicycle navigator. Introduce yourself to your destination through the smartphone app, you will get easy to read instructions based on arrows. It's super simple, which means you just have to take a look to see what curves to do, which makes it easier to keep your eyes on the road and other road users. It's also waterproof Simple, safe and it was more than £ 20 cheaper than anywhere else on Amazon. With the weather (hopefully) going around soon, this could be a great excuse to dust off the bike.

Oral-B Smart Series 4000 electric toothbrush £ 37.99 @ Amazon – save £ 20
This was one of the cheapest bank holiday deals we saw on a decent rechargeable toothbrush in the popular range of Philips It uses a two-pin plug that is often found in b
athrooms. If you do not have that socket, there are many cheap adapters in line to charge it in a common three-prong socket. We are sure that we will see a decent deal with electric toothbrush, so pay attention to this page if you wanted to buy a cheap and cheap one.

Be on the lookout for the latest selections from bank holiday sales for May. Soon we will add many new items once the agreement begins to arrive.

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