Google and NBC team up to create VR content you might actually watch

NBC wants some of you to set foot on the set of their favorite shows like Saturday Night Live and Vanderpump Rules. With the help of VR, and a partnership with Google, they are about to do so.

The agreement signed between the two companies involves 10 & # 39; multi-episode virtual reality productions & # 39; that will be filmed using Google's virtual reality. Skip the platform and publish on YouTube where you can see them for free.

At this moment, these 10 virtual reality productions are being filmed in virtual reality, of the type that can be seen with Google Cardboard, Daydream View or Samsung Gear VR, but NBC says that future selected productions will be recorded in VR180, a new virtual reality format that provides 4K, three-dimensional video.

The first series of shows to obtain the virtual reality treatment are from the Bravo Vanderpump set and include a 360 tour of the recently opened Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa Vanderpump dog rescue center, as well as an exclusive extra clip of the end of the "Vanderpump" season. Rules. "

Are there real VR TV shows on the horizon?

At this time it seems that the association is only producing additional content in virtual reality, instead of dedicating the resources needed to create real shows for the virtual reality audience, an area that at this moment is very absent.

The positive side here is that, if enough people tune in to the virtual reality videos, NBC and Google could feel convinced to create customized series for virtual reality devices.

"We are constantly looking for opportunities to offer consumers new ways to experience the content of the entire NBCUniversal portfolio," said Ron Lamprecht, executive vice president of NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises in a press release. press sent to TechRadar.

Does that mean? Is there the possibility that the association opens the doors to programs of tea? full view of 360 degrees? Maybe!

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