The giant pom-pom cherries on this phone case make it easy to find in a handbag

Phone Case of the Month is a monthly series in which we live and, subsequently, we check our time with a telephone box. Phone cases are one of our only ways to express individuality with our smartphones, so what do our phone's options say about us?

I found my favorite phone box. I finished: we wrap this series because this box of cherries can not be overcome. I bought it in Flushing, New York, in a store where I previously bought a different case. This cherry case feels super cheap: it is made of down with a metal reinforcement stuck to it with cheap glue. There is a removable keychain that comes with a cherry accessory attached. The cherries are made of pompoms with a down leaf. I think the pompoms could be made of real rabbit fur. It feels real, but I have no idea either. This case cost me $ 20. I love it!

I love how cherries always hang from my pocket while my phone is hidden; I love how easy I find my phone in a messy bag; and I love the appearance of cherries. The previous cases that I tried were pieces of affirmation that got in the way of real use. The pompoms throw confetti and a stuffed bunny was hard to hold. This case works as it should with an extra touch.

The Cut called cherries "the most modern fruit", and I feel good about this case. I thought I would spend a month with the pompoms in perfect condition, but last week I accidentally put them in a mysterious liquid on a bar. Now one of the balls is sticky and disgusting. I'm sad about that, but I refuse to give up the case.

I may never get rid of him, honestly! At least until the cherries are out of fashion and you need a different pom-pom fruit.

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