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There's a lot to be said about buying a couple of washers and dryers. They will be chords, not only in design and color, but also in size and stacking capacity, and the best combos communicate with each other, which makes them wash and dry more effectively. But sometimes you fall in love with a washing machine and the dryer that accompanies you leaves you cold (or your clothes). There are some things to keep in mind when buying a separate washer and dryer, namely the 1: 2 ratio. You do not want a washing machine so cavernous that your dryer can not keep up, and you want to make sure that the measures of both machines are complementary. But maybe your dryer just died (you tried to fix it, right?) And your washing machine is still working well, or maybe they'll live in your basement unfinished and you would not care less if one is pearly white and the other gray slate.

We have put together a list of the best dryers and have paired them with the best matches on our list of the best washing machines you can buy. While we have tried to take price and capacity into account, you will want to make sure that the dimensions and color options work for you.

Our choice

Electrolux EFME617SIW


Why should I buy this?: This machine knows when to stop drying your clothes, making it soft with the fabrics.

For whom: Anyone who has ever had his clothes coming out of the dryer still wet or hot, hot, hot

How much will it cost?: $ 899

Why we choose Electrolux EFME617SIW

Although it may not have endless cycles, the Electrolux front-loading dryer with Perfect Steam has many ways to dry your clothes, or just cool, sanitize or get them almost allergen-free. Sometimes an overwhelming number of cycles is not a good thing; Many people simply stay with the "normal" and vary the temperature according to what they are drying. But this Electrolux has some that you'll want to pay attention to, such as the allergen (which increases the heat to kill dust mites), the quick drying of 15 minutes (for small loads) and the instant renewal (that transmits the clothes that clean but not very cool).

The buttons on the side of the Nest-like dial allow you to add steam to eliminate wrinkles and static, as well as change the time, temperature and spin speed. Inside the drum, the sensors keep track of how wet the clothes are, so they do not excessively dry or damage the fabric. Electrolux also offers an impressive 10 year warranty for the traction motor.

The 8.0 cu. Ft. Dryer is definitely a luxury appliance, with a matching price, but you get space, steam and germ removal characteristics. Best of all, your partner washing machine, the EFLS617SIW, is our choice for the best washing machine.

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The best large capacity dryer

Maytag MEDB855DW

maytag-medb855dw-dryer-with -steam-gall

Why you should buy this: machine is a giganotosaurus, when it comes to capacity.

For whom: any person whose laundry basket is always overflowing

How much will it cost?: $ 990

Why we choose Maytag MEDB855DW

With 8.8 cubic feet of capacity, this Maytag steam dryer can hold a large load of laundry but also gives you room to churn. Its removable drying frame offers you a lot of versatility, allowing you to dry tangled objects without hitting them around the drum, or you may not want clunky objects like shoes to give a number on your machine.

He gets 11 cycles, including one especially for jeans, another to disinfect and a third that uses steam to cool his slightly worn items. If you do not want any heat, there is the option of just air, and you can further control the temperature, the drying level and the wrinkle settings. If you are looking to save some money (especially because this is a fairly expensive machine), there is an Energy Saving button that extends the drying time but reduces the heat.

If you are always leaving your clothes until you have a true mountain clothes, this Maytag dryer will be up to the task.

The best compact dryer

Electrolux EIED200QSW


Why should I buy this?: This machine is a small but powerful compact.

Who is it for: Anyone who lives in a home with limited space for laundry machines

How much will it cost: $ 900

Why do we choose the ] Electrolux EIED200QSW [19659003] At 24 inches deep and wide, the 4.0 cubic foot Electrolux compact is final. It is easy to install in confined spaces compared to full-size machines. It lacks ventilation, so it does not require a duct to remove hot air, which means you have more options for placement. It is 33.5 inches high, so many people can still reach the front control panel if it is stacked on top of a washing machine. The dryer has a long drying time, just like any dryer without ventilation, but it does a complete job. It has sensors that lengthen or shorten the drying time, depending on whether your clothes are still wet.

With seven regular and four special cycles, including one for wool, this Electrolux offers a good number of options. Compact machines are often quite expensive, but this one has features that will not make you feel like you're being ripped off by something that costs as much as a dryer with twice the capacity.

Our complete review of Electrolux EIED200QSW [19659018] The best versatility

Samsung FlexDry

the best Samsung flexdry lifestyle dryers

Why you should buy this: This giant can tackle many laundry scenarios.

Who is & # 39; s for: People with a dedicated laundry and a lot of money

How much will it cost: $ 1,099 +

Why we chose the Samsung FlexDry:

There is no way to prevent the Samsung FlexDry from being big and expensive. But its extra volume is for the dedicated Delicate Dryer, a space at the top where you can place sweaters and other items that you would not normally throw into the rotating drum. Many dryers allow you to insert a shelf into the machine, but this Samsung model allows you to leave the drum open for traditional loads while taking advantage of the hot air. It's never too hot, but it still dries stuffed animals and clothes faster than letting them drip dry.

In addition to the upper compartment of a cubic foot, the drum has 6.1 cubic feet of space. There are lots of cycles, including disinfection options and one specifically for bedding. By using steam, you can increase the versatility of the machine with wrinkle renewal and anti-wrinkle cycles. The FlexDry also works with the Smart Home application from Samsung, so you can see if your load is finished without climbing up to the basement. If you have some items that you refuse to throw in the dryer, this appliance could change the day of laundry for you.

The best smart dryer

the best dg9000v lifestyle driers

LG DLEX9000V Mega Capacity Steam Dryer

Why you should buy this: With many advantages, intelligent functions are only an advantage.

Who is & # 39; s for: Those who want a large and powerful dryer and think they could use some smart functions, too.

How much it will cost: $ 1,599

Why we chose LG's Mega TurboSteam dryer:

It's not just what you're paying for with this expensive LG dryer, but of design. It's almost $ 1,000 more than Maytag's megalayer, but it has a space of more than 9.0 cubic feet. With its 14 cycles, there are some ways to dry clothes or do a quick steam update. You also have disinfection options if you prefer your fabrics without germs. It even has a cycle that allows you to disinfect non-washable elements.

What makes it so smart? The Wi-Fi dryer has a compatible application that can help diagnose any problem that may arise. You can also take advantage of LG's Smart Grid feature to save you a little money when energy costs are lower. Also, of course, it will notify you when your clothes are dry. For us, it makes sense to pair an intelligent washer and dryer of the same brand with the hope that one day they can talk to each other.

The best bargain dryer

Maytag MEDC215EW

maytag-large-capacity -medc215ew-dryer_

Why should I buy this: with a lot of capacity, this dryer does the job for half of the price of many competitors.

For whom: Anyone who wants a sensible machine that can handle a large load of clothes

How much will it cost: $ 398

Why do we choose the ] Maytag MEDC215EW

There is no doubt that the Maytag large capacity dryer is a no-frills, low-cost option The list of features it does not have, such as steam, a disinfection setting, humidity sensors and tons of cycles, is longer than the one detailed. Still, he is a solid actor and presents some good options. There is an airless fluff configuration and a wrinkle release, so you can keep your clothes tumbling for an additional 40 minutes if you do not have time to bend them immediately.

Perhaps the best thing it has for its operation is its capacity: 7.0 cubic feet. It's not as big as the megacapacity options, but there's still plenty of space for decent-sized loads.

Although its base price is $ 600, we've seen it for more than $ 450 on sites like Home Depot, which seems more in line with its bare-bones approach. Still, if you're looking to spend less than $ 500 on a dryer and you're not interested in bells and whistles, this Maytag may be worth it.

Should you buy now or wait?

Many people discover the best time It's time to buy a dryer when its current one starts to shake and resonate and then it dies halfway through the cycle. But if you have any advanced warning, it may be beneficial to wait. Many manufacturers start to launch new products in September or October, which means that retailers want to make room for new inventory and lower prices of previous models.

However, that is not a rigid rule, and stores often have frequent offers that coincide with vacations. It's not just Black Friday: Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day … You can often find bargains during long weekends.

You may need to find out if your local appliance dealer has an annual busted sale. One located in Seattle, for example, has an annual sale in early November that attracts crowds looking for lower prices.

How we test

Driers are a great buy for anyone, and doing research before buying a new appliance is key. If you have read our reviews, you may wonder how we arrived at our conclusions. We like to take into account the two reference points, such as how long it takes to dry the clothes and the temperature in the drum, and less objective metrics like the design.

Because our dryers are open to everyone in the Digital Trends office, ask a lot of comments from our staff when considering things like ease of use. This means that we take into account more than the opinions of one or two people, and it also means that the machines go through a good number of cycles by the time we finish them.

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