How to Find Out Why Your PC Crashed Using Built-in Tools on Windows 10

Computers fail, it's part of life. Whether it is the blue screen of death or just a frozen screen that will not resurrect, no matter how hard you shake the mouse, a built-in tool has it covered.

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Saber is half the battle, right? However, it is important to keep in mind that, although this tool can guide you in the right direction, it is not so good to really solve the problem. For that, you will have to consult the omnipotent Google.

  1. Write Reliability in Cortana's search bar and click on the first result . It should be a shortcut to view the reliability history, a choice of the control panel.
  2. If Windows crashes or freezes, you will see a red X that represents the time frame of the failure. Yellow icons mean more than one warning, a non-critical event. Click on the icon to see what happened.
  3. In the lower part, you will see a list with the origin of the fault. Click on View technical details to get more information about the problem. Alternatively, you can remove all recent and near misses to by clicking the View all problematic reports link at the bottom.
  4. From here, you will see the error that caused the failure, as well as the file involved. Some problems may even include a solution, or an additional option to solve the problem, although these are usually only for problems related to some (but not all) controller problems. Click on OK to close the window and return to the list of errors.
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  5. Since the problems vary depending on your configuration and hardware, it is usually here where copied the description and resolved it in Google.

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    Credit: Laptop Mag