The gorgeous Studio Ghibli-style art of Ni No Kuni II

A big part of the series' appeal Ni No Kun is what the games look like: it's like you're roaming around in a lively animated movie by Studio Ghibli while playing a fantastic role-playing game. . That was certainly true in the recent Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – this despite the fact that the famous animation house was not technically involved. However, it still showed the telltale signs of a Ghibli production, including Yoshiyuki Momose's charming character designs and huge and impressive locations, including mysterious forests, bioluminescent and vast kingdoms.

Naturally, the art behind the game is just as beautiful. The Dutch art gallery Cook & Becker, which has previously launched art projects with game themes, including a massive book Final Fantasy XV has just launched a new series of high-end art prints from the game, and they are a sight to behold They include watercolors of some of the eclectic characters in Revenant Kingdom as a king with cat ears and the adorable "higledy" magical helpers, as well as very detailed conceptual art that presents numerous places and fantastic vehicles. My favorites are the planes with feathery wings. "The aesthetics of the watercolor painting book of his conceptual drawings is something that is seldom seen in the development of video games and creates beautiful works of art," says the co-founder of the Maarten Brands gallery about Momose's work.

Prints start at $ 89, depending on the size and frame, and you can grab them here. Meanwhile, examine a little of the collection in the images below.

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