Instagram is testing a feature to let you mute users in your feed

Do you have friends who like to share some Instagram photos of their vacations? Do you want to order your social media feeds without harming anyone's feelings? Soon you will be able to silence specific users in your timeline while continuing to follow them, according to the limited evidence that Instagram seems to be running at this moment.

Instagram user @wongmjane detected the new feature in its application, reports The Verge. It would probably work in a similar way to the silence option on Twitter: you do not need to see publications from specific people, but you can stay connected with them.

It's not the only Instagram test that has come to the surface, either: the developers behind the application also seem to be playing with the idea of ​​including a calendar view for their Instagram stories, which makes it easier to look back at previous posts that are no longer available for your contacts to see.

Tests and tests

There is more. Another feature that was found @wongmjane is a Slow-Mo button for Stories, along with the usual options like Boomerang, Focus and Rewind. Stories are now one of the most popular parts of the Instagram application, so it makes sense that developers want to add even more options.

And speaking of Stories, Instagram also seems to be testing the option to post reactions to Stories, so you can tell your friends how funny or depressing their most recent uploads are. The feature is already available in Facebook Stories.

Instagram has made the standard "no comments" response to these tests, but it's a standard practice for applications to run small-scale experiments like this: we do not know when these features appear for everyone, or even if they ever work well , but it's interesting to see some of the ideas that the Instagram team is looking at.

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