Does PUBG Mobile Work on Chromebook?

I wanted to write an article explaining how well PUBG Mobile – the portable adaptation of Battleunknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds – runs on Google Pixelbook, my favorite Chromebook. The only problem? The game would not even load.

  playerunderground_pubg One of the most exciting aspects of compatibility with Android apps for Chrome OS was the opportunity to fill the huge gap that is playing on a Chromebook. And although we have found many excellent games running on the Pixelbook, possibly the best Chromebook, PUBG Mobile could not even pass the Tencent Games logo, the title editor.

We have communicated with both. Google and Tencent Games for an official response, but none have responded. If anyone does, we will update this story.

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Online speculation, however, points to an insurmountable technical gap that separates the game from the machine: a major incompatibility. On Reddit, many users are postulating that PUBG Mobile was written to run only on a mobile processor (such as an ARM or Qualcomm chip structure), which would make the game unload on the Pixelbook based on the x86 processor. [19659004] Fortunately, PUBG Mobile runs on some Chromebooks, and we've even seen evidence of this. The following YouTube video shows that the game can run (although the controls are awkward) surprisingly smooth on the 11.6-inch Teqnio Chromebook, which is currently on sale for $ 129 at Walmart.

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