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It's simple and nothing essential in the grand scheme of things, but DeskCover is an easy and free way to stay focused when you need it.

For those who work on larger monitors larger than 20 inches, full-screen applications can force their peripheral vision, so they will have no choice but to resort to smaller windows. Of course, by doing so, your desktop background will distract, which is where DeskCover is useful. Allowing you to easily defocus your desktop and reduce opacity, DeskCover puts the task at hand in front and center so that nothing else stands in the way.

In other words, DeskCover is basically a free version of Hazeover, which we do not complain about. Also, your options are not limited to manipulating your existing wallpaper alone. You can also temporarily replace your background with something a little simpler, blocking it with a solid color of your choice. Best of all, DeskCover is compatible with hotkeys, which minimizes the distraction possibilities of the application itself.

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