Windows 10 April Update Coming April 30: How to Get It

The long-awaited Windows 10 spring update (formally known as "Redstone 4") is finally official. The new version, called Windows 10 April Update, is ready to launch on April 30, so Microsoft improved that date.

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Windows 10 April 2018 The update could be a boring name, but it will include some pretty big features. Announced today in a Windows blog post (April 27), this revision not only changes the way it uses Windows, but also its appearance. The main features include Timeline, Focus Assist and improvements to Edge and Dictation.

While Microsoft has been taking applications for Android and iOS, those versions of Edge and its Android launcher become much more attractive thanks to the Timeline function. Now, you can resume what you were doing in other devices, which will be presented in chronological sort order. It looks a bit like Apple's Time Machine backup function, but for the applications and websites it has opened.

In a preview video, only Microsoft applications appeared on the timeline, such as open documents in Office 365 on other platforms. Who knows if this will push users to accept Edge over Chrome, but it's one of Microsoft's best strategies for providing incentives.

Edge is getting its own improvements, but they are mostly elements that match their competitors. These tricks include mutable tabs, full screen reading and autocomplete for web forms.

Focus Assist is another update feature for April 2018 that gives Windows users a do-not-disturb mode that is activated from a tile in the Action Center. It basically blocks notifications of distraction, but users can customize it to give higher priority to important notifications. You can remember when Windows 10 called this technology with a different name, Quiet Hours.

Missing from the list of promoted features are tabs for all applications and the wider release of Microsoft's Fluent Design language for its other applications. We will inform you when we know more about them.

How to obtain the Windows update April 10, 2018

Microsoft says that the update "will be available as a free download as of Monday, April 30". Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet says the update will appear on Windows Update starting Tuesday, May 8.

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