Microsoft’s Windows 10 April 2018 Update arrives on Monday

Microsoft is finally naming its next Windows 10 update today. The Windows Update of April 10, 2018 was originally scheduled to launch on April 10 th but Microsoft touched a blocking error that prompted the release until the last day of April. Microsoft is releasing its April update for people to manually download it on Monday, April 30, before it launches to machines more widely on May 8.

Microsoft is changing its name structure for this particular Windows 10 update, and the company planned to call it the "Windows 10 Spring Creators Update" until recently. "I think people really wanted a lot more simplicity," explains Aaron Woodman, director of Microsoft, in an interview with [TheVerge. "We put a number of different names to many clients who provided proactive comments, and the easiest way to help people understand the update was to give them a time that people can clearly understand and actually work much more efficiently."

New Windows 10 Timeline feature

The Windows Update 10 April 2018 includes a new timeline feature to recover previous applications on all machines, or even the ability to open your history from Navigation from Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android. Microsoft is also adding a new dictation feature, along with an improved Focus Assistance feature to mute notifications. Microsoft's Edge browser is also getting a silent tabulation feature with this update, and the company is updating its Xbox game bar with a new design.

Most of the features of this latest update are quite minor, but changes are welcome for Windows 10 users. Microsoft is now pushing with its next update, whose code name is Redstone 5. The update, to be released later this year, will include smart tabs for applications and will even include a dark mode for File Explorer. Microsoft has not yet named its future update, and the company is seeking comments on the new denomination. "Honestly, I do not know," says Woodman, when asked if the next update will have a similar name. "I think this is a strong likely candidate to continue, but I also want to be willing to go wrong with the clients as well."

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