Kids Tablets to Buy (or Avoid)

With their touchscreen interfaces and often simpler operating systems, tablets are a way for children to learn how computers work. These boards can test their minds with games like Monument Valley 2 and allow them to broadcast shows like Teen Titans. And if you buy a tablet made for children, you get complete parental controls to help you avoid young people exploring adult-oriented websites or making purchases in the app.

While it usually costs $ 129, 8-inch Fire Kids HD 8, our new favorite tablet for kids, has been on sale for a week and is now at a minimum of $ 99. In addition to the parental controls of First level, a protective bumper, a worry-free warranty and access to thousands of books, videos, educational applications and games, offers a long-lasting battery and a bright screen. If your budget is lower and you do not worry about your child breaking his toys, the $ 50 price of Fire 7 is unparalleled.

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