Instagram might be testing a mute button and a bunch of other new features

We could get an Instagram silence button and many other features, I hope. The Twitter user @wongmjane published several tests that he has done or is currently doing. Jane Wong is apparently a computer science student who seems to be looking at the application code.

Instagram told The Verge that "he had nothing to share at this time" regarding the apparent evidence. While they are not confirmed by now, at least it's fun to imagine that they are legitimate and that Instagram is thinking about improving their platform with some of these changes.

Let's review all the evidence that Wong supposedly discovered. [19659004] One: Reactions to stories

It seems that people could react in real time, based on the emoticons you see above. I could also use emoji in the answers, more or less as stickers in iMessage.

Two: slow-motion recording mode

Each vlogger loves slow-motion mode, so it's probably appreciated by people who do not want to trust the built-in slow-motion features of their phone or people They have older phones without slow motion mode.

Three: a silence button for profiles

This would probably work in a similar way to the silent button on Twitter, which silences people from your feed but does not require you to stop following them. It may seem that he still cares, even if he does not.

Four: calendar file view from Instagram Stories

If you look at your Instagram file right now, you will essentially see a grid of your old stories. It is not very easy to navigate, so a calendar view would definitely be appreciated.