Fox is making an interactive film based on the Choose Your Own Adventure books

The books Choose Your Own Adventure are a staple for young readers. Unlike normal books, the novels CYOA provide the reader with a series of options at the bottom of each page, each of which directs him to a different page, which allows him to reach a New termination every time you read. At CinemaCon today, 20th Century Fox announced that it wants to do something similar with movies. He is adapting the series for the film and, in doing so, will partner with the interactive film company Kino Industries to develop an application that will allow theatergoers to choose how the story unfolds as they watch.

TheWrap reports that Fox demonstrated the technology in a preview, while Variety says that the studio will create an application based on Kino's CtrlMovie technology. If done, the audience will use the application to make decisions for the characters, making sure there are not two identical movies. Variety notes that the public's choices will be integrated into the film and that it will be played continuously.

The idea of ​​an interactive movie is not something new. There was a series of experimental and interactive films in the mid-1990s, and more recently, Netflix debuted with interactive episodes of Puss in Book and Buddy Thunderstruck that allowed viewers to take decisions for the characters. Last turn last year used CtrlMovie from Kino to do the same in theaters. Fox seems to be looking for something a little more ambitious for his adaptations Choose Your Own Adventure however. Variety notes that Fox seems to be planning a more fluid experience for moviegoers: a refinement of the interactive movie format, so they can watch a normal movie, rather than one that stops and waits for them to decide how it develops.

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