Apple is reportedly making a standalone VR and AR headset with two 8K displays

Apple is manufacturing a VR and AR headset that would combine both technologies and use the company's proprietary chips, according to a report from CNET citing a person familiar with the plans. According to reports, the headphones will arrive in 2020.

There is very limited information on headphones and CNET only cites a single source in its report. Describes a dream headset with technology that does not exist in the market until now. CNET says that there will be an 8K screen for each eye, which seems ambitious, considering that the best VR hearing aids on the market barely reach 4K per eye. The headset will have cameras that detect the environment. Supposedly it will connect to a dedicated box through a high-speed wireless technology called 60GHz WiGig. The box will be powered by a proprietary 5-nanometer Apple processor, said the anonymous source [CNET . Apple's current Bionic A11 processor in the iPhone X uses a 10-nanometer construction, so it would use an unpublished chip.

It seems, if you can trust the report, that by using new technology, Apple will be able to make a completely wireless headset and box to solve the main current problem in the virtual reality market of having too many cables. The project is supposedly codenamed T288. We have communicated with Apple to obtain more information.

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