The Lorals dental dam shows why it’s so hard to make good safe sex products

The case of dental dams is simple: although many people consider that oral sex is a low risk activity, it can still transmit STIs. But dental dams have never been popular with the general public, and their low sales have hampered product innovation that could make them a more attractive, affordable and generally more attractive safe sex product.

It's not just about whether dental dams are profitable. Inventing a new safe sex device is expensive. All safe sex devices are required to have FDA approval, a process that is not cheap. While traditional dental dams already have the nod, anyone looking for a renewal, such as Lorals, a black latex panty called "lingerie for oral sex", end up spending about $ 100,000 just to confirm that your product is as effective in preventing the transmission of STIs as all other latex safe sex devices.

Dental barriers exist because it is easy to transmit some STIs, such as herpes and gonorrhea, from one partner's mouth to the vulva of another; they are equally at home in any set of mucous membranes. They are also used for analingus, which has its own set of risks, including exposure to pathogens that are not normally associated with sex, such as giardia and hepatitis A. And that's why the FDA is involved: so the Manufacturers of these products show that they work.

But for the creator of Lorals, Melanie Cristol, that expensive production process has created some headaches. Cristol was inspired to create Lorals out of a personal need. Using a prey, she tells me, she may feel "insulting," pointing out that she may feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable and downright soulish to use what she thinks of as "this thin little sheet."

Cristol wants people to feel as sexy as they feel safe, but because he is still raising funds to secure FDA approval, he still can not make health claims about his product. Instead, the product is presented as a way for women who feel uncomfortable with their vulvas to relax in oral sex. Although Cristol hopes that this strategy will help Lorals become popular enough to pay for the FDA approval process, it is an uncomfortable strategy that undermines Cristol's positive mission.

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