The best Mother’s Day 2018 gift ideas: Gifts for the tech-savvy Aussie mum

Mothers are special, either your mom or an important person who helps you raise your daughter, and they do not deserve anything other than the best. And while breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolate, are nice ways to start Mother's Day, go with something different and make Mom smile from ear to ear.

That's where technology comes in. Treat mom with a new gadget that will send her to the digital age or give her the advantage she needs to become a supermama.

Our gift guide for Mother's Day 2018 is for women who know technology, be it a gourmand, a reader, a traveler or a creative person. We have gift ideas in every budget range: from the gadgets that will not make a hole in your pocket to the technology that will make mom know that it is special.

Our gift guide is divided into sections so you can find the perfect gift for mom easily. We have:

Google Home Mini

While Google Home is a great smart speaker, in some homes it would stand out as a sore thumb, but the Google Home Mini the size of a donut is a bit more in the subtle side. That way, mom can record her trip, follow the weather and the news, and control her smart home with a smaller device that does not compromise style.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Google Assistant is not the only assistant available for mom The Amazon Alexa also deserves consideration and the small Echo Dot is an exceptional smart speaker for its size, and has a price more under the Google Home Mini. Mom can make calls, play music and do much more with the power of a voice command.

Apple HomePod

And let's not forget about Siri. If mom is a big fan of Apple products, not only does she get a smart speaker, she also gets an excellent audio product. The Apple HomePod has incredible sound quality and is perfect for someone who uses an iPhone or an iPad. It is much more expensive than the other smart speakers available in the market today, but, hey, mom is special.

Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer

While we admit that it is an expensive option, the Dyson SuperSonic dryer can tame even the most curly hair, coming from the well-worn reputation of well-honed design that Dyson has applied to your vacuum cleaners and fans. So, if Mom is still struggling with a cheap old man, maybe it's time to treat her.

KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 foot mixer

The KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 mixer is built to last while hitting, kneading and beating almost everything. In fact, the connection hub will transform the mixer into a pasta maker, vegetable slicer, stuffer and much more.

SMEG 50s Retro kettle

A classic that never goes out of style. This SMEG water cooler combines the retro aspect with modern technology, so the Retro kettle of the 50s is suitable for any kitchen. With a 360-degree rotating base, it is very easy to dock and the removable and washable filter will help prevent the buildup of lime.

Breville BKE825 Smart Kettle

Very fussy mom with her morning and afternoon tea cup? Then you would love this smart kettle that has five different temperature settings for the perfect preparation, including a 'keep warm' option, soft opening lid and removable lime filter.

Sunbeam CP4600 popcorn maker

Perfect for when mom wants to watch her favorite shows or movies, Sunbeam can make up to 12 cups of popcorn at one time and does not even need oil. Now, that's healthy! But considering that we are all human, it is good to know that a butter melting tray is included.

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