Kanye West is not in fact losing millions of followers for tweeting his love of Donald Trump

If you've been following the philosophical ramblings of Kanye West's stream of consciousness on Twitter lately, you may have been outraged, or maybe you were not outraged, to see him tweet the effusive praise of President Donald Trump. complete the circle of rapper's conversion to alt-right internet troll. What you may not know is that rumor has it that the move cost Kanye millions of followers on Twitter.

That rumor is false.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that Kanye remains at around 27 million followers on Twitter, about the same amount he had before he started tweeting things like, "We're both dragon energy. "and" He is my brother ", referring to the 71-year-old Republican president of the United States. "We can confirm that Kanye's followers count is currently at approximately 27 million followers, any fluctuation that people may be seeing is an inconsistency and should be resolved soon," the statement says.

Of course, that Kanye is not bleeding support for saying he loves Trump does not make the situation any less strange. We know that Kanye has been a not-so-subtle admirer of Trump since he said he would have voted for the man, if he had voted at all, in November 2016. The two also met in person to "discuss multicultural issues" in August. from last year; see photo above.

But Kanye's new series of tweets has almost everyone scratching their heads, including Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian West, who apparently called her husband to clarify his "love" for Trump. For a man who once boldly and out of the script said on television that former Republican President George W. Bush "does not care about blacks," it's a rather ideological shift:

To his credit, Trump responded in kind to the bank at the time of social networking: [19659010]

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