How to watch the 2018 NFL Draft online: free live stream anywhere in the world

What is the NFL draft?

Each year, the 32 NFL teams come together to choose their selections for the next season among the best college players. The draft lasts a total of seven rounds and each team can choose once per cycle.

This year's draft will be held at the AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, over the course of three days. Round One will begin on Thursday, April 26 at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT (1 a.m. in the United Kingdom), with rounds two and three on Friday, April 27 at 7 p.m. ET, 4 p. M. PT (midnight BST) and rounds four to seven will be held on Saturday, April 28, starting at 12:00 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. p.m. (5 p.m. BST).

If you're an NFL fan, then you know how important the draw day is for aspiring college students and all 32 NFL teams. You probably also know how dramatic the draft can be, and we'll tell you how to play each selection live.

Every year, all NFL franchises team up to choose from the most talented players at the university to add to their roster for next year's season. Nearly 10 million soccer fans tuned in for the first round last year and this year's draft is probably just as popular.

The NFL 2018 Draft will take place at the AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas from April 26 to 28 and there will be seven rounds with each team receiving one selection per cycle.

The order in which teams choose players is decided by their record of wins and losses for the previous season and whether or not they reached the playoffs. The Cleveland Browns will be the first team to choose this year, while the winners of last year's Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles, will be the last.

The popularity of the NFL draft means it will be televised on several channels in the United States, including ESPN and Fox. But there's no need to worry about losing the action if you do not have a cable subscription, since all three days of the draft NFL 2018 will be shown online at and we'll show you exactly how to tune in to the live broadcast from anywhere in the world.

How to watch the NFL draft: live US broadcast

If you live in the US UU., Then you will have many options when it comes to watching the NFL 2018 draft live. If you have a cable subscription, all seven rounds of the draft will be televised by ESPN, ESPN 2 and the NFL network, while those without cable can watch all of the first three rounds by air on Fox with ESPN coverage. Rounds four to seven on Saturday being broadcast simultaneously by ABC.

If you prefer to watch the NFL Draft on your computer or laptop, remember that the entire event will be broadcast live and for free online at starting at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on Thursday, April 26.

For those in motion, the NFL will broadcast this year's draft on their mobile through the official NFL application . Alternatively, you could also watch the event at Fox Sports Go although with these two options you must log in using the information from your cable provider to have full access.

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How to watch the NFL draft in the United Kingdom

Football fans in the United Kingdom can watch the NFL 2018 draft in Sky Sports 2. The network will cover all selections in the live draft of this Year starting Friday, April 28 at 12:30 a.m. BST (so deep on Thursday night) with a Day One Review scheduled for 10:30 p.m. BST later in the day. Immediately after, Sky Sports will show the second day of the NFL draft at 11 pm Friday and their coverage of the last day of the draft will start at 7 p.m. of Saturday.

If you are not a subscriber, do not worry as you can still see the draft online by getting access to the live broadcast of There is a possibility that coverage is not available to people outside of the United States, but there is a solution for that. You can use a VPN to dial your laptop in a location in the USA. UU It's really easy: just follow these three steps below …

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1. Download and install a VPN
If you do not have easy access To see the NFL Draft 2018 in your country, the best way to watch it for free is to download and download. install a VPN. We have tested all the major VPN services and rate ExpressVPN as the absolute best. It is compatible with all your devices, is compatible with most transmission services and is among the fastest. You can even install it on devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox and PlayStation. So, for a single window, you can not go wrong with Express, but there are also more fantastic VPN options:

The 3 best VPNs to broadcast sports online
1. ExpressVPN: the best general VPN for real-time streaming, comes with a 30-day trial version
2. NordVPN: SmartPlay tech makes NordVPN an excellent choice for transmission
3. VyprVPN: Ignition speeds make VyprVPN a great choice for 4K video

2. Connect to the appropriate server location
Simply open the VPN application, press "choose location" and select the appropriate location, it is very easy to do. Choose EE UU To transmit the draft NFL 2018 on using the following link.

3. Go to

This year's draft will be broadcast for free directly on the NFL website and with a VPN you can watch it live from anywhere in the world.

Broadcast the NFL draft to any part of the world

If the NFL draft is not available in your country, do not worry, you can broadcast the whole event live from using a VPN. As in the United Kingdom, the best way to see the draft NFL is to download and install a VPN. Choose one of the VPN providers mentioned above, download your software and you can change your IP address to one in the US. UU So you can access NFL coverage of the draft directly on your site.

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how to watch the 2018 nfl draft online free live stream anywhere in the world

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