GE’s new smart air conditioners work with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant

GE smart air conditioners, which are the first to support Apple HomeKit in the US UU., Now available for sale. The new models, AEC08LX, AEC10AX, AEC12AX, AHP08LX and AHP10LX, use GE's Wi-Fi connection technology, which also makes them compatible with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Although HomeKit is not listed on the AEC08LX, AEC10AX and AEC12AX product pages, GE confirmed that those models, in fact, have HomeKit support and will update their pages accordingly. The new GE air conditioners can also be found on Apple's HomeKit accessory page.

GE says that users can turn the air conditioner on and off and adjust the temperature through the Apple's Home application. HomeKit also allows users to create "scenes" so you can use GE's air conditioner in combination with other products compatible with HomeKit. Air conditioners work in a similar way with Alexa and Google Assistant, the latter presents more than 1,500 products in its library of smart appliances, including LG and Frigidaire AC sold in the US. UU

GE also offers a separate Appliance Comfort App that allows you to set the temperature or create "cooling schedules" independent of the smart home platforms of Apple, Amazon or Google. You can also use the application to shut down the AC remotely if you forget it after leaving the house, or turn it on when you are about to return.

The prices of the models vary according to the size of the unit, regardless of whether they come with heating capabilities, a remote control or other features. The prices of the units available at Home Depot are: AEC08LX at $ 229, AEC10AX at $ 289 and AEC12AX at $ 329. The AHP08LX costs $ 269 and the AHP10LX costs $ 329 and both are available at Lowe & # 39; s.

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