Xbox One April update rolling out with low-latency mode, FreeSync, and 1440p support

Microsoft will launch today a new Xbox One update that focuses on better audio and video support. The biggest addition is the 1440p support for Xbox One S and X, which allows players to use a monitor and take full advantage of the QHD screens (2560 x 1440). It's a resolution that is often popular among PC gamers, and Microsoft is also adding AMD's FreeSync support to allow compatible displays to synchronize update rates with Microsoft consoles.

FreeSync, like Nvidia's G-Sync, helps eliminate the tear or stutter usually associated with games on monitors, since the function synchronizes refresh rates to ensure games run smoothly. Along with this stutter-free technology, Microsoft is also supporting automatic switching to the game mode of a TV. The low-latency auto mode, as Microsoft calls it, will be compatible with new TVs, and will automatically switch a TV to game mode to take advantage of latency reductions. The Xbox One will also support the disabling of the game mode when you switch to another application such as Netflix.

Microsoft is also performing some audio tweaks with the April update for the Xbox One. New system sounds take advantage of spatial sound to fully support surround sound systems when you browse. Players who listen to music while playing can now also balance the game's audio with the background music within the Xbox Guide. Other features in this update include sharing game clips directly to Twitter, transitions from dark to light mode based on sunrise / sunset and improvements in Microsoft Edge to allow you to download or upload images, music and videos.

Microsoft is rolling out the Xbox One Update for April today. The software maker typically labels its Xbox One updates as "spring" or "fall," and the name change is aligned with the Microsoft Windows 10 April Update that is expected to be available soon.

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