"Windows 10 Lean" Coming For Low-End Notebooks (Report)

Microsoft is developing a version of Windows 10 that is much smaller than the version it uses now that it calls "Windows 10 Lean" within the company, Windows Central reports. It is 2 GB smaller than Windows 10 Home or Pro and, according to reports, is intended for low-end devices.

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The cheapest tablets, PC mini and laptops can have only 16GB of internal storage. This smaller version could guarantee that there is space left on the hard drive to have more space to install updates and get the latest features. Twitter user Lucan first noticed Windows 10 Lean in Test Build 17650.

Windows 10 Lean seems to cut Skype, Paint, Internet Explorer and the Xbox application, along with other applications.

A Microsoft spokesman told Laptop Mag that "we have nothing to share at this time."

Microsoft's Build conference is just around the corner, so we may soon learn more about this smaller version of Windows. [19659007] Author's biography

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Andrew E. Freedman,