Google is finally making a standalone Tasks app

Google finally admitted that an appropriate set of office productivity applications should include Tasks. Along with the launch of the new Gmail, the company announces the integration with Google Tasks. In Gmail, you can drag emails to the Tasks section of the web application to create a new item for tasks based on that email.

But, fortunately, Google is finally launching separate Google task apps for iPhone and Android. Until now, using Google Tasks involved a confusing mess of inputs and outputs: a mix of Google Keep, Google Assistant and Google Calendar, all accepted or showed tasks, but getting a simple and unique list of them was almost impossible.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Google Tasks on Android looks pretty bare-bones. We still do not know much more than we can see above, but what we can see above is the ability to nest tasks, associate them with emails and assign due dates. It is not known if more robust features of the application will be accepted, such as setting priorities, categories, labels or anything else.

But the mere existence of the application is a sign that Google may be moving towards a more coherent and targeted office application strategy. Every other new feature introduced in today's Gmail redesign is tilted in the same direction as well. At the very least, the Google Office application offerings are now on par with the main applications that were included with the original Palm Pilot in 1997. Progress!

We will update with more thoughts once we have had the opportunity to try the application ourselves.

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