Razer Phone 2: what we want to see

The Razer phone has set the standard for what should be a gaming smart phone. It has high-end specifications, like many flagship phones, but it really stands out with its 120Hz display. Taking advantage of his roots as a PC-focused company, Razer knows that games are as good as the screen on which you play them.

Looking ahead, there is a lot of potential for the Razer Phone 2. From the most obvious improvements, such as jumping to Snapdragon 845, to designing and software changes, we have created a list of what we want to see in the next phone games to rule them all.

Cut to the hunt

When will it do it? the launch of Razer Phone 2?

The leaks in the Razer Phone 2 have been slight so far, but one has emerged that says the telephone can be launched in September possibly at IFA 2018 in Germany as the venue. [19659007] This release would put it within a year of its release in November 2017.

How much will the Razer 2 phone cost?

It could end up costing more than the original Razer phone, which currently costs $ 699 (£ 699, around AU $ 890).

What we want to see

A refined design [19659005] That the Razer Phone adopted the appearance of the Nextbit Robin was a bit surprising. The opinion of its design in blocks varies enormously among those of our office (although I like it a lot), so most of us look for the next Razer phone to shake things up.

The answer is not simply reduced to rounding the corners or turning it into a glass affair, but there are some ways in which Razer can inject a unique design into your next phone.

Judging from your line of PC peripherals, the company knows a thing or two about curved design. Another key component of Razer's design is the RGB lights, and many of them. Interestingly, the Razer phone has absolutely nothing, and that could have been a smart move until the company could find a way to visually balance them with their likely impact on battery performance.

One headphone port with DAC

Is it too much to order a headphone port? When looking at the Razer phone, there is ample space for him, so his omission is perhaps more inexcusable than other phones that cut the function.

In addition to the 3.5mm port on the Razer Phone 2, we'd like to see it equipped with a DAC of some kind, as we've seen with the LG V30 and previous models in that series. Razer's display technology is the next level, but the limitation of this phone to USB-C or wireless headphones is a disadvantage

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Stereo speakers

The double front speakers can really have an impact on the daily use of a phone. Whether you spend free time watching YouTube videos or playing games, the front speakers elevate the experience; Just try to return to a phone with a speaker that shoots away from your face.

Razer did well to include this feature in the Razer Phone, so all we ask is to keep him away from the successor.

Razer Mamba Hyperflux

Wireless charging

The Razer Phone is not compatible with wireless charging, but there are few reasons why its sequel should be limited.

If the company's next phone is made of glass, that would be the easiest way to do it. But observing its Hyperflux wireless charging technology currently used with PC peripherals like Razer Mamba Hyperflux, it seems that this feature is destined to appear on your next phone

Timely updates

The Razer phone was launched in November of 2017, long after the launch of Android Oreo, but came with Android Nougat built. After receiving the Oreo update in April 2018, we hope that the next model comes with Android P integrated into the phone in case it arrives after the new Google software.

A phone that adopts new software is likely to quickly become a fan favorite, but Razer's time with Nougat certainly did not ruin the experience. That's partly due to its Nova Launcher software. It is likely to continue with that in the future, only updating when your initiator is compatible with Google software.

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